3D Zentangle Gemstone Dragonfly Art Tutorial| Pencil Color|

I am very excited about this post as it has been a dream of mine to draw something like this. Today I am sharing a 3D Zentangle Gemstone Dragonfly tutorial. You will find all the progress pictures below.

What makes this post special are the 3D gemstones that I drew and colored with pencil colors. I have only recently learned how to do this properly from Pinterest. I tried making a zentangle with gems (Zentangle With Gems) a couple of years ago but didn’t practice after that. So I was surprised by how well the gems in this post turned out.

I used Prismacolor color pencils, and I can definitely see the difference between Prismacolor and the ones I had before. The colors are so bright and blend really well.

3D Zentangle Gemstones Dragonfly Tutorial

As usual I started with a rough sketch of the dragonfly and slowly added the details. I used Micron pens for drawing the fine lines.

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The trick to making these gemstones is blending. Start with light shades and then progress to darker colors. You can use a white or neutral pencil to blend all the colors.

I used varying degrees of shades – Red, yellow, pink, and white for the Red gem. Blue, navy blue, yellow, and light green for the green gemstone.

Once done I used White Sakura gelly roll pen to add the finishing touch. Quite frankly, until the last 2 minutes, my drawing didn’t really pop out. Only when I added the darker shades around the border and the white lines to depict reflection, it started popping out and look a bit realistic.

Once the gemstones were done, I started filling out the dragonfly.

The Final Look.

Here are the step-by-step progress photos of the artwork.

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8 thoughts on “3D Zentangle Gemstone Dragonfly Art Tutorial| Pencil Color|

  1. WOW! That’s a whole new level of zentangling! I had no idea about such handmade 3D artwork! How do you get the time to do all this, Raji? You know, maybe I should schedule another round of interview with you!

    1. Hahaha that would be great. I just try to fit in everything I want to do… and yet still there’s more that I wish I had done. Dil maange more.

  2. I love art. I’ve loved how you draw. Your creative work always amazes me. Recently I showed this post/ the final finish to my husband and he was like was it printed and coloured? (because that’s what I do) I’m like she did this from scratch and showed him the full post. I love your work Raj. It’s so beautiful.

  3. The dragonfly is one of my favourite motif and the gemstone effect you’ve done is gorgeous. How on earth do you get those crack like lines on the gems. So realistic.

    1. Ahhh thank you for saying it… I was hoping it would look a bit realistic if not 100 percent. Trying to learn this style of drawing and coloring.

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