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My garden is home to many foxtail agave (Agave attenuate) plants. Some of them are massive in size. I don’t know how old they are as they were already well established when we moved here a few years ago. A few weeks back, a couple of agave plants started flowering. This was the first time I had seen Foxtail Agave Flower so close by.

Foxtail Agave flowers only once in their life before dying. I had been waiting for them to flower but when it actually happened I had mixed feelings. Knowing that the mother plant will wilt away.

The foxtail agave flower spike grows upwards and slowly gravitates towards the ground, making it look like a bushy fox tail.

You can see the difference. I wonder how much more it is going to grow. I read the flower spike can grow uptil 15 feet.

It grew many pups over the years so I would still have a good collection of Agave. But I will definitely miss the presence of this huge plant in the middle of my garden.

The flower stalk grew very quickly over the last few days. It is covered with small flower buds which later bloom into greenish white flowers.

Foxtail Agave Flower close up

They have also attracted a lot of bees. I think the bees are having a feast in my garden. The flowers at the base of the flower stem bloomed first and it is slowly progressing upwards.

Foxtail Agave Flower | Garden

Every day, I look at these flowers in awe while watching the mother plant slowly near the end of its life. Mother Nature is incredible and mysterious.

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2 thoughts on “Giant Foxtail Agave Flower | Home Garden

  1. OMG! That’s quite a tail, Raj!! Will you let it continue?
    The plant feels like something out of a fantasy story: The tail kept growing and growing and in a matter of days, had taken over the princess’s garden. The princess heard it humming as it grew and wondered if it was really a plant. So, one night, when she couldn’t take the humming any longer, she stepped into her garden to investigate and found, to her utter horror, that it was a dragon!
    Oh my, I think I can go on and on with this one. ;P

    1. Oh wouldn’t I love it if it were a dragon’s tail. I have got a succulent that grows like a dragon too. Very smaller version though. I will let it continue as long it can. The base is very thick so will need some help to cut if off o ce it has dried. The mother plant is on its last leg. It has withered completed. Just holding this flower spike.

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