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A month ago I participated in one of the Instagram Yoga challenges, organized by some amazing yoga accounts. The idea was to post every day for 7 days and the theme was mostly to create funky shapes based on traditional yoga poses. A fun and challenging twist to the normal practice.

Since I have always practiced at home, these challenges help me to stay consistent and motivate me to try something new or work towards a new goal. As you might have experienced, maintaining a fitness routine at home can get tricky if you do the same thing every day.


Lattice is a lovely variation of forward fold where you try to align your hands and feet to make the shape of a lattice. The full pose was extremely popular on social media at one point. I have tried this simple variation. My attempt at the actual pose looked like anything but a lattice.

lattice pose yoga challenge

Standing Mermaid Pose

This pose came to me easily a few years ago. But I haven’t done this in a while as I don’t include it in my daily practice. So getting my hands wrapped around like this took a fair bit of time. After lots of warm-ups and falls and fumbles, I was able to find a little balance. No, it wasn’t very comfortable.

standing mermaid yoga pose

Side Crow Yoga Pose

I was actually more comfortable doing Side Crow than Standing Mermaid. For some reason, I find arm balances easier than backbends.

Side crow arm balance yoga pose

Shiva Pose Variation

Shiva Pose is way too advanced for me. Also, I haven’t really been able to dedicate a complete flow for the pose. So here is a variation of Shiva pose for beginners/intermediate practitioners. It does need flexible hips and shoulder mobility, but this might bring me a step closer to Shiva Pose.

A woman doing a variation of shiva Pose | Yoga for flexibility

Infinity Pose

Although it looks as if the infinity symbol has been flattened, I was actually surprised that I could do this pose. It was my first time trying this pose. Looks like all the flexibility and mobility drills that I usually include in my routine are working.

A woman doing Infinity Pose | Yoga for flexibility

Camel Splits

This was my first time doing Camel Splits. Or attempting the pose. My flexibility still needs a lot of work to make lines straight. But frankly, I was quite happy that my leg actually straightened. I front splits had taken over a year of practice – My Journey to Front Splits . So this variation of splits would take a bit more time.

camel splits challenging yoga pose

Mermaid in Camel Pose

Not really know the actual name of the pose. I find this variation of Camel Pose combined with Mermaid Pose very pretty, and also a bit more intense than Camel Pose.

mermaid in camel pose yoga practice backbend

Super Soldier Pose

Super soldier is still not an easy pose for me to do. Needs lots of warm-ups and hip exercises before I can even think of attempting it. I wrote about my experience and how I learned to do this pose – Super Soldier pose

super soldier yoga pose advanced practice

Standing Wall Splits

Working on my standing splits this year. The straps and the wall provide great support to improve flexibility and balance. in my excitement sometimes I do get stuck in the pose with my legs at an awkward angle. I have to do silly-looking hops to get out of the pose. It’s a good thing that I practice at home, else imagine doing this outside. My antics would definitely have turned into a TikTok meme.

standing splits for beginners practicing with wall and straps

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8 thoughts on “Fun and Challenging Yoga Poses | Fitness at home

  1. Raj, you are amazing and flexible. Reading you commentary on yourself, my mind tells me, let her know that as you try a mermaid, even a mermaid would wonder what to do! 🙂 I love that you make time for this and when I do it, all I could think of how humbling it is. You are amazingly inspiring, Raj.

    1. Thank you so much. I had to push back on a lot of things after becoming a mother, but fitness was something I needed … the best way I could do self care and spend some time with myself. I am really grateful I am able to continue my fitness journey. 😄

  2. Amazing, Raj! You have such a supple and flexible body. I would badly get twisted if I attempted even half of any of these poses. More power to you! I found the Infinity pose both intriguing and complicated.

  3. You are so flexible Rajlakshmi! I’m amazed at your yoga poses…will never be able to reach such a level in this lifetime for sure. Well done, girl and so proud to see how you are pushing yourself towards newer goals.

  4. My goodness Raj, this post blew me away – the lattice and the infinity had me puzzling where your hands ended and legs began. Also, you have great upper body strength. Amazing!

    1. Hahaha I felt like that too when I first attempted it. My practice videos are hilarious. Thank you so much.

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