Zentangle With Gems

I am back with another art related post. Previously I shared 10 Painting ideas for beginners. Today, I am sharing Zentangle with gems. No, not the real ones :). I wish!

This is another artwork I made during the third trimester, a time when the emotions are high due to hormonal changes and the big belly hardly lets you move around. I resorted to drawing and painting as it served as an excellent distraction, helped me to remain calm and at peace.

I have always wanted to draw 3D Gems inside Zentangle inspired patterns, but you see, lack of skills can be quite a challenge :). So after referencing numerous examples on Pinterest and Instagram, I finally took the plunge to draw a few. I have shared a few resources at the bottom of the post.

Below I am sharing a few progress photos of the artwork, which spanned across two weeks. Like always, my biggest challenge was to find new patterns to try out. I experimented with a few new ones, combining them with the ones I already know. And, I believe you already know my love for floral illustrations. 🙂

For drawing the patterns, I used Unipen fine-liner pens, while the gemstones were colored using pencil colors and gel pens. I drew a rough sketch of different elements like circle, arc, and florals with a pencil, and then later filled in with tangle patterns.

Here’s the completed artwork. I guess only the Red gem looked kinda 3D’ish. Gotta practice some more 😛 .

Zentangle with Gems Artwork

Resources: Official site of Zentangle and Tangle Patterns. You can find tutorials on different patterns in my Pinterest board as well.
My blog post on – How to draw Zentangle Inspired Artwork.
Another example with progress photos – Ikigai Typography
Let me know if you have any questions.

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13 thoughts on “Zentangle With Gems

  1. What a beautiful Artwork Rajlakshami! You’re super talented. I love the pop of colours that you added in the form of coloured gemstones and yes they look 3D. Love the effect. I wish I had that much patience to be able to do such beautiful artwork. Well done you!

  2. This is absolutely beautiful. And them gems 🤩 The red one really looks like it’s real. 😊 Fantastic work. Can’t wait to see what you’ll do next 😊

  3. I guffawed at ‘lack of skills can be quite a challenge’…. if a multi-talented, multi-faceted person likes you says this, where will we mortals go!!??! 😀
    Live the intricate, neat and beautiful patterns in this design. Good one, Raj!!

  4. That is beautiful Rajlakshmi – I totally relate to those pregnancy hormones lol.

    I love looking at art and I would love to be able to do arty things… but I don’t have the patience to draw or learn so I am content just looking!

  5. You are underestimating yourself! This is beautiful and all the colors look like real gems! :O
    There is nothing you can’t do, Raj. Keep at it 🙂

  6. This is beautiful, Rajalakshmi. I didn’t know you could be anymore creative with zentangles..but this is taking it to another level. I found both green and red gems looking 3Dish and lovely.

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