How to make a Zentangle Inspired Art (ZIA)

Hello there, today I am writing on how to create a Zentangle Inspired Art. I am not a certified teacher or teach any art form, but have written this post based on my experience and hope that these 7 points will help you to get an idea on how to create your first ZIA. 🙂

What is ZIA?
Zentangle Inspired Art or ZIA are artworks made by using the Zentangle Method. Zentangle is a meditative abstract art made by drawing patterns following certain guidelines. Created by Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas, Zentangles have taken the world by storm. You can find all the official Zentangle patterns on Tangled Patterns . Also before starting, please read the guidelines here.

Most of my artworks are Zentangle Inspired Art. It’s a mix of patterns found on the official zentangle site and my own designs.

What you will need?
A Pen and Paper
Yup, that’s it. No ruler, stencils or any other item to draw. My first drawings were on sticky notes as I was still testing the waters, figuring out if I possessed the skill to draw. After that I bought a small blank notebook to make slightly bigger designs. And now I own a foot long drawing book where I try out new designs.

Your first design
If you are looking for a design, start by recreating some of the original patterns on You can find amazing and intriguing patterns on the site. And then slowly, you can mix your own designs to create an artwork that’s unique and special. It is a good practice to add a reference to the Zentangle site while posting online. I find Pinterest a great place to find tutorials on drawing a Tangle and I have saved a lot of pins too. My album is  Tangle Tutorial


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Let it go
There’s no right or wrong way of drawing a ZIA. It’s your creation and you can make it anyway you want. Let your pen drive you. Usually, while drawing Zentangles you don’t even use an eraser. So don’t worry about mistakes or wrong patterns. Go along with the flow.


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Zentangle is also called Yoga for the brain. Focus on your drawing. Focus on how each line and curve connect and create something new and beautiful. Believe me, it’s a wonderful practice that has helped me to be offline, and has improved my concentration too.

Coloring is optional. If you wish you can add some nice shades with pen or watercolors or any other medium. I usually like mine as black and white.

This is not a competition. Believe that you are creating something beautiful with your hand. It is fun and very engaging.

Here’s a step by step on my latest ZIA.

Zentangles are made on tiles and can be finished within 15 minutes. But ZIA can take much longer to finish. This one took about 4 to 5 hours to finish.

zentangle inspired art - sketch - drawing

Are you all set for your first ZIA? If you have any question, please comment below and I will try to answer them 🙂

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36 thoughts on “How to make a Zentangle Inspired Art (ZIA)

  1. Wow ,what a telaented in your art. Amazing teach you art step by step . You are great lady. God bless you. Iam so happy. You have all knowledge. Nice write up blog .✍️🙏

  2. I have seen your IG feed and such beautiful art, Raji. You are so talented. I have never had an inclination to try but watching these images I feel that one needs to have that bend too. If you not do well here 😉

  3. You are one talented lady! These drawings remind me of the Enchanted garden adult colouring book I’ve got. Still haven’t finished even a 10th of the book. 🙁

  4. Stunning indeed. I was deeply engrossed in zenrangling two years back and so where down the line gave up. Your post is inspiring me to re-start again. I’m awe-struck by your immense talent Raj. ❤️❤️

  5. Raj, you have a gift. In so many things you excel and I think the key to that is your interest and perseverance. These are beautiful and inspire me to take it up once more. I did. Briefly. They sucked so bad I vowed never to do it again. But you’re tempting me to try.

  6. What a beautiful design! I keep meaning to start doing Zentangles as I love drawing and doodling. Such beautiful things you can create with the different patterns. Thanks for sharing about your process. Looks like so much fun and very relaxing unlike some other art which stresses me out.

  7. So beautiful, Raj. I love zentangles and zia. I am amazed by your talent. I try to doodle that’s all. This is such a nice tutorial. Will be checking it again in the future. 😀

  8. Thank you for this amazing post, Raj. Love the concept of “yoga for the brain”! I’ve always wanted to learn the art of zentangles. It looks so intricate and so lovely and this time with your post as a reference, I’m thinking of actually doing one. Wish me luck. 🙂

  9. This artform is new to me and its really wonderful. Especially because it needs no additional tools and gadgets. I will surely give it a try. Thanks! 🙂

  10. That was a pretty nice and informative post. I liked reading it. I asked my wife too read it as she is into art and craft. She found it useful and visited the website. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  11. I have been doing some colouring using some intricate mandala patterns, and I find it so relaxing and calming. So I can totally believe that zentangling would result in similar experience. In fact, I won’t call it zentangling as such but I used to do a lot of doodling when I was a full-time professional during long and boring meetings 🙂 That used to be my way to stay relaxed during those meetings! Your post has now inspired me to start some ZIA, let’s see when I get started 🙂

    1. hehehe sure doodles do save us in long meetings 😀 Zentangling is truly a beautiful and engaging art…glad you liked the post. Thank you 😀

  12. Saving this post. I have been watching so many zentangle arts on various bloggers posts… its time I tried my hand at it!

  13. Ok, I used to think you get ZIA books with patterns printed that you color in * insert sheepish look * The fact that you draw it all is simply amazing! Also, rightly called ‘Yoga for the mind’
    Thanks for sharing this with us, Raj!:) Your designs are stunning!

    1. Oh no no, there are coloring books as well. You can directly but them for coloring. Or you can create your own designs and then color them 😀 Thank you so much.

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