Japanese Paper Doll Tutorial

Japanese Paper Doll Tutorial

I have been in love with Kimono wearing Japanese Paper Dolls ever since I started doing Origami. They look absolutely adorable and can be used as a bookmark, a gift tag or decorate wall frames.
After scrolling through scores of pictures on Pinterest, I was super inspired to make one for myself this weekend. I bought lots of colorful paper from Daiso, a store in Sydney that sells all the items of Japan. I buy a lot of my art and craft materials from there, including paints  and drawing pens.
Choosing the pattern of the Kimono is probably the toughest part. I just can’t decide on one.
Here’s a tutorial I made, documenting the steps to make the paper doll. It’s very simple and within no time, you a doll would be ready.

Japanese paper doll tutorial
Pretty Easy, isn’t it?

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25 thoughts on “Japanese Paper Doll Tutorial

  1. This is beautiful and really simple.. thanks for the DIY tutorial.. will surely try this.. i do have a knack for creating my own bookmark, this one's perfect.. But, where do I buy these decorative papers?

  2. This looks so pretty! Not even going to kid myself into believing I can do this! *hides face*
    But I do have some nice wrapping paper that would create a beautiful kimono! Let's see 🙂

  3. Wow – this tutorial rocks. I love the Japanese Kimono dolls too and had seen a wonderful tutorial once online- havent been able to find it again; yeah didnt save it then. This one comes pretty close to it – awesome!

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