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Every weekend my husband and I would be trying to figure out where to take our little one. Undoubtedly Sydney has numerous places for fun outdoor activities, but most of the time either they are too far from us or the weather is not right.

We try to find places that can be enjoyed by parents and kids alike.

That’s when Bobbin Head in Ku-rin-gai Chase National Park located about 40 km from Sydney CBD, comes to the rescue. Luckily for us, it isn’t too far from our home.

Bobbin head sydney australia

Although we have visited Bobbin Head a number of times, this was the first time we decided to go Pedal boating. Before, I was a bit apprehensive about going into the water with my little one. But now that he has grown up a little, he was not cranky or scared and was able to enjoy the ride.

Pedal Boating

pedal boating at bobbin head kuringai chase national park

Frankly, I also had to overcome my fear of deep water.

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We hired the pedal boat for two people for an hour. There was a little seat in the middle where my toddler could sit, but he was more interested in pedaling than actually sitting in his spot.

pedal boating at bobbin head kuringai chase national park

He was quiet for the first 10 minutes of the ride, soaking in every moment with his wide eyes, smiling and glancing at us in between. Probably processing this new activity in his brain. As the newness of the activity wore off, he insisted on pedaling in an attempt to imitate us.

My husband and I took turns letting him sit on our lap and work his little legs. Even though he could barely reach the pedal, he kept at it.

pedal boating at bobbin head kuringai chase national park

We went under the bridge towards the mangrove. On our way, we met other kids and parents frolicking on their paddle boats, canoeing, fishing, and swimming. The middle of the river was likely 6 feet deep. It is definitely a great place for a family to indulge in fun activities and spend time together.

The day was bright and sunny, perfect for outdoor activities with kids. Since we were in a national park, surrounded by hills and tall trees, we were protected from heat. The weather was enjoyable and not sweaty or humid.

The view looked absolutely beautiful. This break from everyday routine, in the arms of nature, with my family, felt therapeutic. Don’t we all need nature therapy once in a while?

Pedal Boating at Bobbin Head
pedal boating at bobbin head kuringai chase national park

We ate out lunch by the waterside, watching a school of fish, along the Empire Marina. I enjoy the food at Waterside Bistro.

marina cafe bobbin head sydney australia

But I also love a quiet picnic near the waterside. The picnic area is big, clean, and looks beautiful amidst trees and water. There’s a large, well-secured kid’s play area where my toddler loves to hang around. On our way to the park we spotted two huge Goanna.

Goanna on a tree in Bobbin Head sydney Australia

Other information:

2 seater and 4 seater Boats are available for hire. 2 seater boats for 30 min cost AUD 25.
Parking is available by the waterside. Park fees apply – AUD 12 per vehicle. Might have to pay more for 8 seater vehicle.
Don’t forget to carry sunscreen, hat and water bottle.

You can find more information on NSW National Park.

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  1. That looks lovely, Raj. It’s wonderful when the little ones enjoy the outing beyond our expectations, isn’t it?
    I love boat rides and spending time by waterside. We have lakes in Arizona despite the desert conditions.

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