Ubuntu – Zentangle Inspired Illustration

Ubuntu – this Nguni Bantu term translates to “humanity” and “kindness“. The feeling of “I exist because of you”.  It is a feeling of mutual caring, of living and sharing in a community, of a belief that everyone is connected, that humans cannot exist in isolation. It is a beautiful word with an even more beautiful meaning. Something that we need to follow in current times.

It reminds me of an incident a month back. I was walking to the train station one evening, when I saw that just across the road an accident had occurred in one of the busy roads in Sydney CBD – a collision between a biker and a taxi.  The biker was on the road crying out in pain. He couldn’t even get up.  I saw a group of people surround him. Two girls calling the helpline,  one diverging the traffic to the other side, someone else trying to talk to the guy asking for details. It was amazing to see how responsibly everyone acted like it all came naturally to them. That incident still gives me goosebumps. It strengthens the feeling of Ubuntu. Of generosity and kindness.

I made this Zentangle Inspired illustration because I was touched by the meaning. How one word could be so insightful and soulful at the same time!




The past few months have been extremely busy at work. After late nights, firefighting issues and meeting insane deadlines, the product finally went live.  It feels so good to see it being used in real time. I had to catch a 5 am train in 0 degree Celsius to reach work. The support went on for the next 12 hours. My manager was extremely mindful of providing us breakfast and ordering only the best pizza for lunch.

Things haven’t slowed down much,  but I am trying to go back to my routine of traveling, working out and drawing these illustrations. If I  haven’t replied to any of your queries,  trust me I am not trying to ignore you.😅 Hope you liked this post.


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13 thoughts on “Ubuntu – Zentangle Inspired Illustration

  1. Ubuntu is such a beautiful word. I first read about this word through a story about African kids and how they practiced Ubuntu. Your artworks are beautiful as always. So thoughtful of your boss to take care of you guys at work! have a great weekend, Raj!

  2. Beautiful work! But then it is you, so that is expected!

    Support sucks, right? There are times I have wanted to pull my hair out, but at the end of the day it some how feels worthy.

    I hope the work pressure has reduced now for you.

  3. Such a beautiful emotion that comes to me when I think of the word, Ubuntu. Thanks for sharing such a heartwarming thought —I’d say it is this feeling of community and caring that we all need right now, irrespective of where we are in life and it was a sheer joy to see your art work, Raj. I absolutely love your zentangles. And, please take it a little easy…you need to pause once in a while when it gets so hectic. Hugs

  4. I did not know the meaning of this word though it is used widely by the husband. What a lovely meaning that is! And the zentangle is wonderful as always. Hope that you get more breathing room, Raj!

  5. I love the word ‘ubuntu’ and the depth of meaning it conveys about community and personhood. Quite a while back, I wrote a post around this word. Your image conveys the cradle and comfort that community can provide.

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