Memoirs of Misty Mountains: Growing Up in Assam

when words aren’t enough
heal in the gentle breeze
of wild meadows
find love in a sea of Daisies
call the mountains home
and grow camellias and apricots

in between sips of hot coffee
remember how you are closer
to a life worth living

Wentworth Falls, Sydney Australia


Growing up in Assam

What is so captivating about mountains that make us hold our hearts and sigh deeply, as if we’ve been yearning for a restful sleep within the depths of the forest, to recline upon wild-flowers, and to drink from untouched streams. As if they hold a promise of healing and contentment.

Assam karizanga mountains india
Kaziranga, Assam

I grew up near the mountains, hilly terrain meandering through tea gardens and lush rice fields. Leeches, the size of my fingers, wiggled in the ankle-deep muddy paddy fields.

Assam tea garden india
Tea Garden in Madhupur, Jorhat, Assam
Rice fields in Jorhat Assam India
Swaying Rice Fields

My Uncles told tales about encountering tigers in the tea gardens and chasing elephants on moonlit nights, in order to protect their rice fields. When the howls of the wolves have ebbed, the sky would light up with stars from far-away constellations. And if you are patient, you might actually get a chance to make a wish upon a shooting star.

Countless fireflies would illuminate our front-yard. Back then, it was so ordinary that we hardly noticed this gift of nature. Now, two decades removed from those cherished days, I scour Google Maps for locales with fireflies. Makes one wonder how one could long for a backyard from the past. Why do those evenings feel like a fairy tale – even today?

Sunset in Kaziranga Assam

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