DIY – How to make flowers from Pistachio shells

Every year the first Wednesday of September is celebrated as Early childhood educator’s day. I came to know about it through my little one’s daycare. As an appreciation for the immense hard work and dedication, the parents were asked to write notes, bake or create artworks with their kids for the wonderful educators. Since I am not that great at baking I decided to create an art piece and present it along with sweets. That’s when I thought about Pistachio shell craft. I haven’t made flowers from pistachio shells before so this was fun and I got to learn a new craft.

I had collected these shells over a period of two weeks, mostly eaten my by husband – who claimed he was helping. I tried to get my 2.5 years old involved, but as you might have guessed, he was more interested in spreading the shells all over the floor.

I found this awesome tutorial – pistachio shell flowers that has all the details on how to create flowers from pistachio shells.


  1. Photo frame with glass removed.
  2. Pistachio shells (depends on the size of the flower)
  3. Any colorful paper (Origami, decoupage, or you can make your own)
  4. Craft Glue (I used glue gun)
  5. Clear nail polish
  6. Glitter

I wanted to frame the design, so decided to keep the color natural instead of painting them. The background is decorative patterned paper that I bought from Aldi a few years back for my papercrafts.

Start with a small circle. You can draw it using a coin. I started sticking them directly on the paper, but you can also build a small base and stick the base to the paper.

Start arranging the shells around in a circle and keep adding them. You can lightly draw concentric circles with a pencil if you aren’t comfortable. But don’t fear, the flower will start taking shape as you keep adding circles.

Once I was happy with the size of the flower, I painted the petals with clear nail polish and brushed some gold glitter over them for a little bit of shine. Alternatively, you can also use glittery clear nail polish.

I had bought these frames from Ikea hoping to make a collage of photographs but never that project started. I removed the glass to make space for the flowers.

Doesn’t look too bad, right?

I have a whole box of shells left after this, so planning to make a few more craft items from them.

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