Ridiculously Ordinary | 5 short poems about life

How do you describe the overwhelming longing
for that one moment in
t i m e
when everything felt normal?
When the sky was only a shade of blue
and the oceans rolled on,
like it had every single day
since the beginning of time.

How do you describe the heaviness
in the heart at losing
every single fragment of

There comes a time in life when you truly wish to freeze-frame from the past. Or that one moment before life take’s a blind turn. A lot has changed in the last few days. Someday, I will probably write about it. But as I grapple with the new reality, here’s a bunch of short poems I wrote about life, for those looking for solace in the written word.

short poems on life and love

I wrote the below poem for my super awesome gang of girls who have been the wind beneath my wings for almost a decade now. #womenEmpowerWomen . Imagine the change we can make when women support one another, instead of pulling each other down.

strong poems for women

How about a little bit of travel poetry? For this beautiful land that I call my second home.

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short travel poem
Picture captured at Mount Wellington

Every time there’s a mention of the war, my thoughts go to the families of the soldiers. Three generations of men in my family had served/are serving in the defense forces. My brother is currently in Syria working for the UN peacekeeping force. The talk about war is never easy.

short poems on army

I mostly write short “instagram-style” poems these days as other priorities in my life need to be taken care of. Hopefully, someday, I will get back to writing unrushed long poetry in different styles. But for now, let me know what you think.

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6 thoughts on “Ridiculously Ordinary | 5 short poems about life

  1. They are all beautiful pieces of poetry gathered from different times of life. I loved reading them all, Raj. Always a pleasure to read your poetic pieces. 🙂

  2. Oh so beautiful, all of them! I liked the one written for your gang of girls the best though <3

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