Check out the stunning images of autumn in Australia

Autumn in Australia has got some style !!

Bathurst is a city in the central tablelands of New South Wales, about 210 km from Sydney. Our plan was to stop at Orange, a city 50 km from Bathurst, famous for fabulous autumn colors.

We were driving towards Bathurst from Sydney for a weekend getaway when I saw a road running parallel to the highway, flanked by a row of brilliant yellow Poplar trees. We were going too fast to stop and couldn’t find a way to make a U-turn as well. So with a hope that a storm won’t blow the leaves away, we decided to stop the next day on our way back. And I am so happy I did. I love these chance encounters when you find amazing sights unexpectedly.

The whole setting looked absolutely dreamy. The leaves were rustling in the wind, glistening in the morning sunlight, and you could hear was the sound of leaves crunching under the foot. The roadside was covered in layers and layers of leaves, which added to the beauty. There was a couple at the far end of the road and a group of people had just parked for a formal photo shoot. Apart from that, there was no crowd at all.

After my experience in Mount Wilson last, where the whole place was crammed with visitors and cars, I feel glad to enjoy this lovely sight in peace.  🙂

The transition months of Summer to Winter usually falls in March, April, and May in Australia. I felt that Autumn was delayed this year. Usually, I have seen trees turn colors by April, but this year it was well into the last week of April. But I am not complaining anymore. The weather was pleasant, had a bit of a morning chill which comparatively is much cooler than Sydney.


Let me know what’s happening in your side of the world.

autumn in australia bathurst

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38 thoughts on “Check out the stunning images of autumn in Australia

  1. Wow..just wow! I have never seen Autumn color splash like this one. Your picture are absolutely gorgeous, and hopefully I’ll make to Australia one day. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Wow! When I think of fall foliage, Australia for some reason hasn’t come to mind. I may have to visit in the fall instead of summer like I have planned! Thanks for sharing, love the photos.

  3. This is so gorgeous! I love fall colors. I have not seen the big display of colors in the East Coast (USA) but we have some in California (mostly in the Eastern Sierra Nevada). The area feels magical when the leaves are golden. So nice you found this beauty in Australia.

  4. After green, I love the fascinating Autumn color. It looks so beautiful. I’m so much loving your last shot, I wish to walk there.

  5. This makes me homesick! I’m from Brisbane, and although our autumn isn’t quite as spectacular, it’s still my favourite time of year weather-wise. I’m in Hanoi at the moment—we have a bit of an autumn but winter crept up on us pretty quick last year!

  6. Your photos are gorgeous! I’ve never experienced autumn, but it’s something I would love to do. Now I know you can in Australia!!

  7. This looks beautiful! I had no idea Australia had amazing fall colors too. Autumn is my favorite season and it would be great to experience it in the southern hemisphere one day! (Do y’all do pumpkin lattes too?)

  8. What a golden paradise! It would be so surreal to see the trees like this in April! Also, I love that you happened upon this place by chance. Makes the experience much more magical!

  9. Autumn in Bathurst looks so beautiful! I love the blue sky and the pretty orange leaves 🙂 Autumn where I live in Canada is usually very grey, unfortunately. The leaves do turn pretty shades of red and orange but we don’t get much sunshine and instead get lots of rain! Thanks for sharing these lovely fall photos 🙂

  10. Absolutely stunning. You are lucky to be bale to witness such natural beauty, My part of the world is hot and dusty but I absolutely love your nature updates !

  11. The colors look absolutely stunning. Its just been a month that I left my routine job to become a travel photographer. These photos are inspirational indeed!

  12. Must say about photographs you posted on this article, and your article is kind of awesome-ness. Hope i could be there in weekend to enjoy the trip most.

  13. That’s so beautiful! I’m in Kentucky in the U.S. and we have beautiful colors in the fall too but never seen so many pretty yellow trees all together! It’s spring here (finally) Inviting you to come link up with me at

  14. I love yellow and your Insta feed makes me feel so happy 🙂

    Sadly, in India we can’t call any season autumn, but it sure is nice to see a few trees in full bloom here.

  15. Beautiful pictures. We don’t see much fall colours here – most trees are evergreen but fall in New York is truly spectacular. Thanks for sharing your lovely pics.

  16. I usually like to admire nature in green but I couldn’t have missed this yellow beauty of nature. You look so adorable in blue with yellow in the background

  17. What gorgoues yellows Raj- how lucky to have been able to stop and walk through these golden trees. The sight looks magical- we dont have anything of this sort in Delhi-Gurgaon and often Autumn seasons are just the trees shedding off all the leaves – no colour change as such!

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