7 simple fitness tips to stay motivated

Are you lacking the motivation to maintain a steady fit lifestyle? Then you are in the right place. In this post, I will share 7 simple fitness tips to stay motivated and revolutionize your lifestyle.

fitness motivation quote and simple fitness tips to stay motivated
7 simple fitness tips to stay motivated

1. Break down your goals

Fitness goals can seem extremely intimidating. It is also one of the reasons why many give up their fitness journey or become impatient because the possibility of fulfilling their goals seems like a distant dream. I believe the best way to overcome this hurdle is to break down long term goals into shorter goals and focus on completing them. It can be quarterly, monthly or even daily goals.

For example, my year-end goal is to do a side split (Hanumasana). Now, I can’t rush my body to turn into a rubber band overnight. So I broke it down into quarterly and weekly goals. My current quarterly goal is to comfortably outstretch my legs with the help of Yoga blocks. My weekly goal is to do stretches at least 4-5 times a week.

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fitness motivation quotes and simple fitness tips to stay motivated

2. Build your Squad

Be it at the gym or online friends, gather like-minded dedicated fitness buddies who would encourage you at every step, celebrate your success no matter how small, and motivate you on days when you feel like nothing is working. The reality is not everyone in your life will be interested in your fitness journey. You may not receive the kind of inspiration that you need. And at one point there is a probability of you feeling demotivated.

That’s when the squad comes into play. I am a part of an awesome Whatsapp group of fitness enthusiasts and follow few support groups on Facebook too. We share our stories, struggles, transformation pictures and seek advice whenever required. They continue to play an important role in providing me with daily motivation.

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fitness motivation quote - handstand

3. Breathe

Enjoy what you are doing. I know it’s quite difficult when you have to do a set of burpees :). But remember that it is OK to relax and take a break. Fitness is a lifestyle change. It doesn’t end when you reach a goal. Instead, fitness becomes a part of your life, so you as well do everything that makes you look forward to following a routine. Find your mojo. Take enough breaks to let your body recover. And one day, you will enjoy that sweet sore feeling after a workout.

fitness motivation quote - quote

4. Track your progress

Be it photos, videos or online journals, always track your progress. It will help you realize how far you have come along in your journey. Watching yourself do something that was once impossible or reading about how you beat that plank challenge, will help you focus and remain motivated in following a fitness routine.

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fitness motivation quote - yoga pose

5. Surround yourself with positive vibes

Do not let anyone tell you that you are not good enough. Don’t let the stereotypes break your will. Instead, be stubborn and concentrate all your energy to improve your lifestyle.

Some of the best ways to stay positive are – find and read success stories, watch people achieve their goals, read positive quotes, watch comedy shows or… the best one – do a backbend 🙂 If you ask me, I follow a lot of awesome Yoginis on Instagram, not just the celebrities, but those who are at the same level as me. Every time I see their progress, it makes me believe that I can do that too.

fitness motivation quote wheel yoga pose

6. Do not Compare

Don’t compare your chapter 1 to someone else’s chapter 20

Don’t you agree? Everybody is beautiful and is capable of doing amazing things. And each of them grows at a certain pace. Indeed we can aspire and be motivated by those who are already successful, but to compare yourself with them at every stage can only result in frustration and demotivation. Do not compare your achievements with anyone else. This is a journey of self-realization where you respect your body and maintain a fine balance between giving your best while understanding its limits.

fitness motivation quote and simple fitness tips to stay motivated

7. Dress the part

This is especially for those like me who workout at home. It’s extremely difficult to remain motivated every day when no one’s watching you or pushing you hard enough. But I make sure that I wear my activewear, tightly tie my hair, go into the separate fitness corner that I have made for myself, take out my yoga mat and practice like I am in a class. A great way to make your mind think that some serious business is going on here.


I hope you are pumped up after reading these simple fitness tips to stay motivated. So get set started!!

Stay strong and humble! Namaste.

*the pictures are mine,  the quotes are not. 

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Last updated on 14 Feb 2020

17 thoughts on “7 simple fitness tips to stay motivated

  1. Some great tips for staying motivated, I have recently moved and so do not know many people and there are no classes or gyms nearby, but I have started to walk regularly with a local woman I met, it may not be a great fitness routine, but it works and having someone else to walk with keeps me motivated.

  2. Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes and yes, Raj. You nailed it with the tips. I love #6 and #7 most. With fitness, the biggest challenge is getting started. I think once we overcome that, then it gets easier. When I first started aerobics, the instructor warned us that those who didn’t turn up on the second day would be thrown out of class. Gosh, I remember literally crawling up the steps – so much pain. But persistence helped me overcome it quickly and well, it became something to look forward to. You, my rubberband girl, are a huge inspiration. <3 Love the mephobia!

  3. I really enjoyed this post! I totally agree with these points. I was able to visually see my progress after tracking it and that was my motivation to keep going forward. Your yoga poses are awesome!

  4. I completely agree with you on every point, Raj! Fitness, or staying healthy, is a frame of mind one needs to develop and work on. And, none, but we, can build that mindset in ourselves. Fighting the inabilities and turning them around into abilities is the spirit we all need to develop for the sake of our health, for if we don’t, who will?
    I am a BIG fan of yours, you know?

  5. Bravo to you for your discipline and sticking with your fitness goals, Raj! I’m not that great at having fitness goals. I do like to walk the dog and ride my bike but don’t push myself that much. I do it more for mental fitness as well as physical. It feels good to get out and get moderate exercise. I just feel healthier when I do. I’ve never been a sportsy fitness type and am probably not going to change much as I age. Frustrating that exercise does zilch for my weight but I’m sure it has other health benefits. And it keeps me away from the fridge! Haha!

    I admire those like you who do so much and keep in such great shape. Good for you!

  6. Its too good , the post is full of inspirations . After reading it the mind and body is filled with the thought that i can do anything . Too good way of presentation .

  7. You are one of the most inspiring women I know in the fitness segment and I take my inspiration from you daily. Love every tip. The most important one, I’d like to add, is that change must come from within. The need to exercise must develop. The need to be fit, be healthy, stay strong should be a primary motivation. With that, anything is possible. Anything at all. Sharing this right away.

  8. I am struggling with the last one very much. My kids are all over me when try a downward dog or child pose or anything for that matter. I need to make goals first and then get to the breaking it down part. 😀I loved the third point, Raj, it made a lot of sense. You are an inspiration as always. (Are you getting bored with this line?)
    By the way, how do you take the photos while you practice? Is your husband following you around with the camera?

  9. Strong is the new sexy – Yes!

    I’ve always been into fitness and healthy eating, but I’ve taken it more seriously now. Your post resonates so well within me.

    You are awesome, Raj and definitely an inspiration.

  10. I love your commitment towards fitness and like the ideas you have shared. I think I need to find a walking buddy who can push and inspire me. I really needed this motivation. Thanks for sharing, Raj!

    1. I need to pin this post on a wall and read it every day. Be stronger than your excuses… I should be practicing this really strongly and religiously. Thanks for the nudge, Raj!

  11. When life knocks you down – do a wheel! So let’s start me some wheeling 🙂
    Also loved the warmup but! Not sure if squats and lunges will ever feel like a warm up to me!

    You are one heel of a super girl

  12. I think this fits for everything that one does. A universal post, Rajlakshmi which fits not only for following a fitness routine but anything that one might take up. Thanks for writing this. Much needed this week for me 🙂

  13. I needed to read this post today. I am at the stage in my fitness journey, where I am losing the ground I had gained over the past months, and it is difficult to stay motivated during such phases. So thank you for writing this post and inspiring me to keep going.

  14. Agree with each tip, Raj. Fitness is all about a lifestyle change. Those who do it for certain goals only often fall off the wagon. Like you mentioned break large goals into smaller ones and be regular. Also, don’t compare because you don’t know the journey or stage of another. Enjoy it as well. If it’s a chore you dislike तो will hardly stick with it.

  15. This was a really motivating read, Rajlaxmi! I’ve been struggling to set a fitness routine and often end up comparing myself to someone else’s 20, as you mentioned.
    Truly, Strong is the new sexy!


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