Yoga Arm Balances

After crossing the 6 months postpartum mark this month, I became a little ambitious in my yoga practice, trying out inversions and arm balances. In fact today I even tried a couple of arm balances that I haven’t done in over a year. Doing the same workout routine or yoga flow can be boring at times, so to keep myself motivated I pick yoga poses as goals and then work towards it. I know having goals is a no-no in yoga, but it does make the practice more fun.

As you already know I practice at home, so I work at my own pace, reading and watching tutorials (do’s and don’ts) to achieve these goals. Presenting before you some of the Yoga arm balances that I have challenged myself with.

I wish I had better pictures. I always forget to use the good camera (what’s with charging the battery and all)

Grasshopper Yoga Pose

I had tried this pose only once before but could barely hold it as I lacked both hip flexibility and arm strength. I worked on increasing flexibility and strength rather than trying it again. But today I gave this pose a go after nearly two years and surprisingly, I was able to hover over my arms with better stability. I can’t hold it for long and that is a work in progress. Working on my front splits has improved my hip flexibility a lot. And planks and push-ups have helped me to gain upper body strength.

Side Crow

Although I can balance side crow well on my right side, it is still challenging on the left side. I was able to do the extended legs variation (second photo) for the first time today.

Eight Angle Pose

Now, this is a challenge I love. The first time I saw Astavakrasana, I couldn’t even figure out what went where. But after consistently working on preparatory poses, I am a little closer to achieve this pose. The preparation for this asana can itself comprise a complete workout. You can find out more about in this wonderfully written article – Eight Angle pose

Koundinyasana Variations

Below are my versions of Eka Pada Koundinyasana 1 and 2. I am not yet able to extend the folded leg to transition into the full pose. Hopefully, with enough practice, I will be able to reach this beautiful asana.

Trying to do Eka Pada Koundinyasana 1

Do you challenge yourself working out? Let me know in the comment section.

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15 thoughts on “Yoga Arm Balances

  1. You freak me out with your fitness/yoga posts on Instagram, Raj. I admire your determination and commitment! Oh yes, I focus on fitness but I stick to basic stretching, walking and taking the stairs. I hope to join a yoga class but I doubt if I’ll ever get to doing any of the poses you mentioned. You are a pretzel! Hugs! And you are amazing, too!

  2. Oh wow, that is incredible! I would love to learn how to do that too! I love yoga and I find that I really feel good physically and mentally when I do it. I am also a fan of doing my exercise at home.

  3. Wow! These are incredible. I have very weak wrists (that I’m working on strengthening slowly) and these postures look so challenging and I just want to cringe at the thought of trying them with my wrists. I think I need to aim to be able to do these postures eventually. Inspiring!

  4. Hi there. You’re doing it like a pro! I’ve tried to do this balance a couple of times but still can’t seem to balance myself. I think i am going to try and do it tonight again👍

  5. You are amazing. hats off to your flexibility and commitment to follow your fitness regime. Please send some of your ‘dedication to fitness vibes’ my way too!

    1. You are amazing, Raj! Hats off to your flexibility and commitment to follow your fitness regime. No one can say that you have crossed 6 months post-partum mark. Please send some of your ‘dedication to fitness vibes’ my way too 😀

  6. You are such an inspiration, Raj! Can’t tell you how much respect and admiration I have for you because you always strive to set your standards higher and higher, despite the constraints! You are a wonder, girl! And that little cutie pie is blessed to have a mom like you, who will inspire him also in much the same way as she does for the likes of us.
    Thank you for joining us with these amazing set of asanas today. I have been doing yoga for donkeys years but have never attempted these, EVER! Not sure I ever will. Hence, even more admiration! 🙂

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