The Ghost Crawl

After being sick for over three weeks, I finally got to do some serious Yoga. I mean so serious that I might have scared the living daylights out of Baba Ramdev himself.

Look at this Baby Grasshopper  staring at you with those chilling eyes!! If I print a poster size of this picture and place it next to my beauty products, I am sure I brother will no longer flick my lotions or shampoos or my lip balm.
Believe me, I tried to fix my face in all the softwares that’s available in my laptop (and there are quite a few), but instead my eyes creeped me so much that I had to close them. Not a good idea to stare into creepy eyes at this hour. It’s midnight btw. God knows what I was trying to do … imitating the Grudge girl I suppose. How those small eyes managed to look this scarily big is beyond me!! 

Since I am still recuperating, I decided to go slow on yoga mat. But you know, I am one of those person “jo apni hi nahi sunti”. The excitement of getting the Baby Grasshopper right got me so jumpy, that I became one legged Cat {Eka Pada Bitilasana}

The one on hands is Crow. Well, since I already looked unearthly, why not an animal and bird too.

My peaceful avatar, usually at the end of practice. That’s my moment … when there aren’t a thousand things running in my mind, checking and unchecking imaginary checkpoints. The only time this Dramebaaz girl is quiet, listening to the surroundings. {which is always a hungry growling tummy}  🙂

**Please don’t sue me if I scared you. It wasn’t my intent… I lie of course :P.

14 thoughts on “The Ghost Crawl

  1. Hahaha.. it's fun to read the descriptions you give.. and dude.. you are awesome..! It took me a few seconds to realize that actually did it..!

  2. Just like CookieCrumbs Inc I saw the ghost crawl pic in my bed early in the morning. Let me say, its not something anyone would want waking up too. But after a minute I went back and appreciated your asan and how difficult it must have been.

  3. First thing I saw when I checked Instagram in the morning while still in bed. Thanks for scaring the bejesus out of me Raji :/

    Also, do you have a mirror you practice poses in front of? How do you know if you have gotten it right?

  4. haha Rajlakshmi your ghost crawl just made me laugh! And I can't stop even now…You know I went to the yoga class y'day and I had to do some pelvic lifts? Not sure what it was called but what I did could be described as a lump of flesh with a small way underneath! I'm sooo bad at yoga I guess that will scare people more than your pose!

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