Baby, please don’t eat my hair

There are very few sights that are as heart-stopping as watching your baby grab a fistful of his freshly cut hair from the floor and direct it towards his mouth. As my little one is improving his motor skills, my reflexes are on overdrive. There are moments that feel like movie scenes where the hero stops an airplane just a breath away from crashing into the airport.

6 months comes with reaching milestones like sitting up and putting everything within the reach into the mouth. Safe to say our selfies are never going to be the same again.

funny baby stories - Baby pulling hair

6 months also marks the beginning of separation anxiety in babies and night time cryings. Just last week my baby woke up crying inconsolably after midnight. The only thing that calmed him down was holding the tap in the bathroom. So that’s what we did. Held the cold bathroom tap for half an hour till 1 in the morning. 😀

I am learning on the job. My parents went back home in August and since I have taken year-long maternity leave, I have enough time to be with the bub before I join the workforce. Undoubtedly, my YouTube searches have skyrocketed. 😛 You will be amazed by the amount of information available online. Things are still manageable except my baby needs to be “cradled and walked” to sleep. And if I try to sit down or even lean on the wall, he would throw a tantrum. I am at wit’s end trying to figure out how even with his eyes closed, could he know that I sat down. This boy sure knows how to keep mumma on toes.

As a result, my trapezius muscles have become quite distinct.

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In fact, so distinct that I will be able to use it for floatation in the Tasman sea. 😛 Nothing like the graceful Michelle Obama. Although, all the lifting that I do all day long has enabled me to achieve a few Yoga arm balances. So, silver lining. 🙂

It’s not just the trapezius that has increased. In the past 6 months I have done enough singing for a lifetime, and more. My neighbors must have lost their hearing listening to numerous rendition of Itsy Bitsy spider, the bear went over the mountain and a miserable rendering of Shallow by Lady Gaga. My baby would often lift his hand and touch my face. I found it adorable, thinking maybe he is trying to find out the source of the sound. Although now I have a feeling that he might be trying to shut me off. 😛

Looking forward to many more beautiful moments. Here’s my muffin, before he attacked the plate of laddus.

funny baby stories

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21 thoughts on “Baby, please don’t eat my hair

  1. OK so it is not just my babies that would refuse to let me sit down while holding them? That used to drive me completely batty! I get that they wanted to be held but why could they not let me do it sitting comfortably on the sofa with my eyes closed for a bit? I also had to be holding them, standing up and looking them in the eye or they squawked LOL

  2. Haha, such a super cute post with lots of know, your post has made me nostalgic and I had re called all those lovely moments, when my girls were little. indeed, motherhood is most beautiful journey of any woman’s life and we should try to enjoy it up to fullest. ya, some days are hard..but these days give us a big opportunity of be patient and learn the way to handle tough issues with love and care.

  3. Haha this article made me laughed! I’m thinking now of the purity bisquit I gave my daughter yesterday. She is at the crawling stage and she was sailing towards the kitchen eating her bisquit. By the time I took it she had two long strands of hair in her hand shame🤣

  4. Bringing up baby stories are always sweetly bizarre. They do the strangest things, don’t they? And how wonderful it is that we remember all the happy moments with joy and the crazy ones with laughter. I went down memory lane reading your post, Raj. Yep, look at the silver linings. And laugh a lot. Sometimes that’s the only option 😛

  5. Awww you have one adorable little man there! Your post had me laughing quite a bit remembering when all of mine were at that age. Also feelings of compassion when you stated baby would cry if you tried to sit down. I have been there and it is no fun lol. I think that’s why I have such huge muscular calves haha 😂

  6. I really wonder what is the logic of holding the tap; I mean what is his baby brain telling him 😉 But you are learning new things via him, so I guess maybe he is testing you out to see if you will do him proud or not!!! 🙂

    Your anecdotes are just hilarious as ever Raj and I am super duper impressed with you for taking a year long hiatus from work- thats brilliant baby and I hope you enjoy your little one fully in this one year. I am sure he will fully train you too 😉

  7. Back again, Raji. Couldn’t retrieve that comment back though.

    This was like memories flooding back to me. The little one holding the tap just left me laughing. Half the time my daughter kept crying, we(mom and I) used to sing songs back to back. Even though she enjoyed it she never slept until making us sing for an hour or so, but we used to be half asleep by the time of two songs followed by her cry to keep singing.

    We were bathroom singers and now don’t we feel like lata mangeshkar? 😛

  8. Awww! That is super cute! I missed reading little personal stories like this while I was away from blogging! He sure has grown up real fast. Six months is hardly anything! And holding on to a tap??? That’s a new one! :)) Looking forward to move baby tales! Loads of love for the little one! xoxo

  9. Good God, yes, I can imagine how vigilant one needs to be with a tiny toddler at home! Your munchkin is totally adorable! Don’t wan’t to dampen your spirits but…you’ll want to know that they are easier to handle when they are not talking. Once that starts….!! Cheers love!

  10. My second one never let me sing. He used to cry at the top of his lungs whenever I started with a lullaby. Initially I thought it was his tactic to delay going to sleep. But the next moment if his dad sang the very same song he quietly listened. Thankfully the elder one encouraged my singing talents till he turned six.
    This is a very adorable time, Raj. They learn new skills in the blink of an eye. They are still cute and can’t attack us much other than the hair pulling. Next comes the teeth and biting phase. 🙂
    Your little one is such a cutie, Raj. 🙂

  11. Indeed, every information is available at our fingertips these days. Except for medical information, I do rely on google and Youtube a lot.
    Lovely Pics.

  12. Welcome to toddlerhood. This is just the beginning and I can relate to everything that you wrote. My reflexes also increased when he was this age. This is in a way the best and worst phase. Keep journaling them because once they cross this age you are going to miss it. Hugs and love to your muffin.

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