The Husband Histrionics – II

My husband sometimes go through this No-Rice-Roti-Only-Juice phase, often resulting from a sudden realization that his face isn’t as angular and shapely as it was few years before. I try my best to console him by reiterating the popular quote – Round is also a shape sweety, but for some reason it always backfires. 😛

He would then be found in the hall, lifting dumbbells, doing push ups and handstands. It would all have been good if only his grunts and noises weren’t disrupting my Oms and Vinyasa. I adviced him to try opening his third eye, instead I received a light tap on the forehead to mind my own business. {Guys they just don’t listen}

Anyhow, those are the days when I am under immense pressure to provide him with food that is devoid of carbs, saturated fats, glucose,  gluten … in short anything that is considered delicious. Knowing his tendency to be picky, last time I laid before him a plate of beautifully arranged {if that is even possible} baby spinach and carrot. He went to the kicthen and made himself a large cup of hot chocolate, with extra milk powder.

The other weekend he was adamant that he will be eating only green and raw. I browsed for low carb recipes and zeroed on Avocado Egg sandwich. He followed that diet for exactly two afternoons before buying 2 chicken drumsticks and a breast piece for dinner.

He is well aware how ridiculous his antics are, but also perfectly knows that only his wife would entertain all his nit picks (usually with a mocking smile and a “not so delightful” retort).

These days whenever he is fussy about double chin, I cook palak paneer with extra cream and serve with aloo paratha. 😉

Oh by the way, today is our 3rd Wedding Anniversary 🙂

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14 thoughts on “The Husband Histrionics – II

  1. Happy Anniversary Raj. Currently both I and my husband are going through no rice rotis only phase. So I completely get your husband. And I also know that eating healthy is very difficult. Our taste just want something more delicious and unhealthy :P.

  2. Happy anniversary Raj! I think all ladies have a series to never ending stories about husbands��.. Both of us can never stick to a strictly diet .Spicy but healthy food works for us, otherwise.

  3. What an anniversary tribute. I bet your hubby has a blog of his own hidden somewhere :p

    Kya karein…we husbands are like this only!

    Happy Anniversary!


    Do drop by mine,

  4. Happy anniversary to both of you! I am laughing at palak paneer with extra cream and serve with aloo paratha.:D This reminded me of my phases of special diet plans which are very short-lived and sometimes just in my head! 😀

  5. Wish you guys a very happy wedding anniversary!
    Husbands are all the same, Raj! . Few years ago, my hubby joined the gym to reduce his waistline. He also began a brand new diet of salads and soups. However this diet survived juat a week or so. Soon he began a new diet: a vada-pav after sweating it out in the gym! I have given up on my guy, and am waiting for the day when he comes to his senses and starts taking real good care of his health.

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