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I came in this morning to find a whole bunch of heart stickers and colorful decorations around the office. Although I don’t celebrate Valentine’s day as such, it feels nice to see a hint of color in the otherwise monotonous cubicles. Given the current situation of our world, I don’t mind the blatant display of love. We do need more love, more compassion … more beautiful human emotions which are not driven by a bunch of pretty roses or an expensive gift. 
As the temperature in my suburb hit 47C this weekend, we stayed indoors on Sunday, indulging in our favorite hobbies. I was drawing while he assembled a shelf for our garden. In the background, played a Marathi horror-comedy movie, followed by numerous episodes of CID. Yes, I love CID (and I don’t know why :P)
Here’s a step by step progress on how I drew this Zentangle Inpsired Art. Since I didn’t have any circular thingy in my craft box, I took a plate from the kitchen to draw a circle 🙂  Pinterest is a great app to look for new zentangle patterns. There are a lot of tutorials online on how to draw these patterns as well. Otherwise, you can come up with your own design. I don’t follow any rule, just keep on drawing whatever I feel would match the theme.


I use black Unipens, mostly .01 to .03 to draw and .08 to color in. I tried using Sharpie, but the fumes from Sharpie makes me go all dizzy! The one reason why I rarely use them.
Valentine's Day Art Ideas typography

Have a great week ahead, while I go in search for some watermelon headgear.

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18 thoughts on “Art Projects – All About Love

  1. Wow! The Zentangle is beautiful. I'm awe of you Raj! Such a talented person you are. 47 is such horrible temperature. I can barely manage the 40 degree during summer here. But you've made good use of your time indoors.

  2. 47, that's too much. Your artwork is beautiful. It requires a lot of patience and talent. Kudos to you.

    Watermelon headgear, now that I something I want to see. Also, I agree, I don't mind even the PDA, world needs more love.

  3. they look beautiful Raj – you are so crafty. I want to get some brush pens and do some hand lettering – could you suggest good brush pens that i can order from Amazon – if you use any such

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