The Husband Histrionics

My husband bought a new camera- Nikon
D5300. You can imagine what happens when guys get their gadgets. 

One fine evening he decided to make me the
guinea pig of his portrait experiment. After innumerable
Look here, look there, open your eyes,Dont scowl, whats with your hair, he finally came
closer to me and said,

I think your picture
would look better with make up on
 If only my eyes could emit death
rays. The nerve!!


The other day, he came running to me and
this in your mouth and lie down.”  I
was gobsmacked for a while. It was then I noticed a round yellow lemon in his hand.

What kind of dumb
photography is this
, I asked him
controlling my temper.

Babes it’s creativity,
you won’t understand
. Yeah right, a whole
lemon in my mouth!!


One fine evening while I was cooking, he
announced from the other room.

Be prepared to
be blown out of your mind
. I went there to see a
huge pile of dry leaves and stems on our pristine white table and he with a
triumphant smile looking at his camera.  

Ohh dear whos gonna clean all this!!
 This is what he clicked

I am sure you too must have such tales 🙂 Cmon share 😀


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33 thoughts on “The Husband Histrionics

  1. My husband is a professional photog so i have these stories brewing from the past so many years. This comment box would overload 🙂 But tell me, don't you enjoy the attention he showers on you with his camera?

  2. i would have loved to see the second pic rather than the third.. maybe reserve it for the L letter.. 😛
    like shilpa, I am the photographer in the house, so i can empathize with him… i would also say its better than watching games on tv…

  3. Hahaha! I'm the one with the fetish for new toys. Hubby won't even learn how to use a computer. The lemon is pretty weird! Wonder what your husband was thinking about. LOL

  4. The budding photographer has a lovely subject 🙂 I love clicking pictures, and he is a reluctant model for my shoots 🙂 Lovely post.

  5. Hahahahahaha OMG you have quite an eventful life there!!! Lemon—are you kidding me! My God!!! I cant stop laughing… Wonderful guy you have! 😀
    Btw was he really serious or he was pulling your leg :O
    (lemon—- I can't stop visualizing it) 😛

  6. Hhahahah I could relate because I know someone who is obsessed with photography thought he isn't good at all in it!
    I am sorry but I laughed so hard about that lemon incident!

  7. Men go through these loony phases. In the end, his picture is really good. I might have had to smack him if he would have told me I needed makeup. Ha the nerve! ♥

  8. I know guys who click pictures busily at functions like birthday party,New Year day celebrations ,Diwali etc.When they send finally through Picasa,I would observe there are no pictures without their wives occupying prominent place in the frames.So you are lucky to get your hubby's attention.You could have put the picture with lemon in the mouth!!!

  9. haha
    Fun Reading 🙂 My Husband happens to be a Photographer by Choice. He clicks beautiful pictures of landscape,flowers,trees and what not
    He rarely gets time to click me..

    so You are lucky

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