Where Pelicans fish alongside Humans

The best thing about road trips is the surprise element – when you come across a place that you had no idea about, and are then amazed by its pure awesomeness. This happened on Day 1 of our road trip, we had stopped by Sea Cliff bridge, crossed Wollongong and were driving through Shoalhaven. Our intent was to locate a restaurant on the Grand Pacific Road route, when suddenly, we saw this huge mass of azure beauty. It looked so stunning that I completely forgot badly my stomach was gripped by hunger pangs. 

Of course we stopped here, slowly soaking in the beauty and peaceful ambiance of the place. Since it was Christmas, a lot of families were enjoying a picnic and Barbecue at the park. Many of them indulged in fishing too.

The water was flowing over the cemented path. It felt quite amazing to walk on the pavement, sandwiched between water, as if you were floating on it.

I had never seen so many pelicans in their natural habitat. It was only in zoos and national parks where I had watched pelicans crammed in a small pond. But here they flew freely. I was pleasantly surprised by their wing span as they swam around, catching fishes, playing with their mates.

Nature seems to be in sync when both humans and Pelicans fish together.

If you are looking to spend some quality time with family near Sydney, head to Reddal Reserve in Shoalhaven. The park has toilets, kiosks, bbq facilities, fishing area and the locales are absolutely stunning.

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Address  –  Reddall Parade, Lake Illawarra NSW 2528, Australia 
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20 thoughts on “Where Pelicans fish alongside Humans

  1. Look at that beautiful blue water.. Amazing.. I didn't realize that pelicans were so large until I saw the bird with the person. That bird must eat a lot of fish. Wonderful place to visit…Michelle

  2. Ooh…looks nice. I haven't been here before. Will try and head there on my next south coast trip. Pelicans are awesome by the way…I saw heaps when I did my road trip down south and also up in Nelson Bay.

  3. When I lived in California I used to love watching the pelicans soar low over the water. – Margy

  4. I love travelling through your eyes Raj! Such lovely photos as usual: I love the one where the pathway is covered with water and of course, the one with the pelican. 🙂 <3

  5. I love how the water is flowing over the cemented path. You truly seem to live in one of the most picturesque places on earth!

  6. Gorgeous! You are so fortunate to have such beautiful places within reach. Thanks for sharing your photos and experience!

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