That 5 point something Girl !

The top shelf of the kitchen has always been elusive to me. It’s my
hubby’s turf, a space assigned to him for his camera equipment and other ‘allegedly
secret’ stuffs. More so because he knows I am too lazy to climb the stove and ransack
his treasure cove. Most days I have to improvise with a pointe position on
pointed heels to retrieve plates from the top shelves of the office kitchen, ending
up making all sorts of clanking clinking sounds.

Yes, welcome to the world of Short Girls.
I am 5 point something. In the sea of 6 feet’ers I spend each day trying
not to get squashed between long legs. Others have bad hair days, I have flat
shoe days – the days when all my heels collectively decide to smell like rotten
eggs and I am left with no option but to wear flats. That’s when I play
Gulliver and Lilliputs on Sydney streets, watching belt buckles and shirt
pockets, trying to keep my eyes way above the waist.
“So what are you … 5”
“Noooo I am 5’3”
“Well, I ain’t see no difference!!”
This short girl comes with small feet too. We all have ogled at gorgeous
Italian leather, bejewelled heels, with soft laces, in stunning colours. Guess
what! I can never wear them. Never. For whatever god forsaken reason, they are
never available in size 5. In this cruel world, only the big feet population is
privileged to wear designer shoes. All my footwear has been bought either online
or from Chinese shops. All Hail South East Asian manufacturers, O my fashion

I have stopped going to US or Australian fashion clothing stores. Each
shopping session is painful and heartbreaking. How could your heart not break
when hem of the dress slips beyond the calf, while your husband laughs his
guts out!! Pathar dil insaan

The sun
shines brighter and the grass greener on the day I find a perfect match.
  I literally walk out of the store like this

Ever noticed the Hidimba sized
Salwar Kurta in those chandelier lit showrooms? Seriously who buys them!!! I
could wear one and hang on the door like curtain; no one would find any
difference. I have always pinned to wear the delightful Anarkalis, but then, there’s
no love for short girls in fashion industry!! {sigh} 

Since college I have mostly resorted to Bhutan Market and few Bangkok
based shops to find a pair of jeans that doesn’t become a pyjama. While here in
Syndey, Korean shops have been my saving grace, the only place where I can buy A-line skirts without the fear of it becoming A-line Lungi.

Well, there are perks too, we hardly ever bump our head into anything.

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8 thoughts on “That 5 point something Girl !

  1. Ah I empathise whole heartedly. I am 5 feet tall {or short!} and a size 5 in shoes and a size 4-6 in clothes. Shopping is a nightmare! Even petite ranges are tough to buy and yeah, shoe options are limited. Gah! Fortunately, my partner is almost 6 feet so I get him to get things out from high places.

  2. High five to the 5'3" At least you can get your clothes at the Asian shops. Being chubby there isn't a single store that caters to the 5'3" chubby woman. I now get my clothes tailored in India and stock up for the next few years when shopping for clothes here in NZ becomes depressing.

  3. Very cute post about being petite, Rajlakshmi. I enjoyed it. I'm the other way and have always suffered being a big tall girl at 5 ft 7 with size 10 feet. I am also big boned and big hips and prone to gaining weight in my hips and butt. Sigh. Those dainty shoes that look so good on your tiny feet, look like gigantic clodhoppers when I wear them. I've always been a bit self conscious since I grew tall at a young age. Now though, I feel small next to my hulking sons who tower over me.

  4. Ha ha ha.. Rajlakshmi I cannot get the picture of you boogeying like that little girl, out of my head. And I can shake hands to the 5.3 except here in India I fit in pretty well.

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