Rare waterspout | Australia

13 June 2020 – We were visiting Bulli Beach for the first time with my toddler. The sky was unusually dramatic that day. Half of the sky was beautiful and clear, while the other half looked angry with dark clouds and some lightning. It was then I spotted this rare waterspout form over the sea, next to a ship.

A waterspout is a rotating funnel-shaped column of cloud descending from cumulus cloud to the sea. It is formed when a layer of cold air blows over a water body, clashing with the warm air below.

I have never seen anything like this before.

waterspout australia

This rare waterspout stayed there for about 15 minutes before fading away.

rare waterspout australia

The sky looked comparatively peaceful in the other direction. This is taken a few minutes later to capture the subtle colors of a setting sun.

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