Sunrise Yoga Photoshoot

“I am not strong for a girl, I am just strong” 

I follow a dozen of yoga girls on instagram. Those incredibly fit and strong ladies keep inspiring me to meet my fitness goals. I regret giving up yoga after joining college. That was 10 years ago. Today, I am running a race again time to attain the same flexibility. And boy it’s tough!! 

As soon as the weekend arrives, I wake up my husband at 4:30 am (waking is an understatement 😛 ), make him drive 25 km to watch sunrise at Clovelly Beach. It had been my dream to be photographed like a silhouette against the rising sun. In case you haven’t read about this new obsession of his – read Husband Histrionics

On the first day I tried few simple yoga poses as I had just started my practice and didn’t want to fall off the cliff with a pulled muscle. 

Camel or Utrasana pose

Dancer’s Pose or Natarajasana

Last week was pretty awesome as the waves were super high, reaching heights higher than the cliff where I was standing.

I so wish I was in the position when the waves hit. 

Warrior III or Virbhadrasana III

 I came across the Wild Thing pose while looking for Yoga photo-shoot ideas and was quite intimidated by it. It was only when I started Vinyasa flow I realized how easily you can get into this position. After much practise, here it is. I love how it opens up, like a blooming flower. So artistic!!

Camatkrasana or Wild Thing Pose

Tree pose or Vrkasana

Extended Hand to Big Toe Pose B or Utthita Hasta Padangusthasana B
the scenes – these waves chased me around, drenched me while I was
standing in the Tree Pose, and my darling of a husband didn’t even warn
me, maybe seeking revenge for waking him up at unearthly hour, that too
on a weekend. But since he is an early rise, he didn’t complain much. 
I try to add Yoga in my fitness regime atleast twice a week, most
days it’s cardio and core. Since I don’t go to gym and have a tendency
to get bored easily, I have to keep looking for motivation. 
I have a
long long longgggg way to go before I even start attempting headstands.
Frankly, it scares the hell out of me. And to top it all, my show off of
a husband does handstands like it’s a child play. And he knows no
humility, keeps taunting me whenever I am against the wall, pondering
whether to raise the left leg first or right. Hmmpphh!!!!

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  1. Wow! I can't imagine ever getting up at 4:30 am (unless I'm catching a flight somewhere), but kudos to you and your dedication. Those photos look amazing too.

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