Thursday Poet’s Rally Week 18 ::Whispers of a Dream::

My entry for Thursday Poet’s Rally week 18. Wrote this for a challenge given by a fellow blogger.

Whispers of a Dream

Sensuous zephyr blithely embrace,
enthralling memories wrapped in lace,
gently whispering a lovebird’s songs,
glimmer reflections of bygone,

Embroidering dreams under starlit night,
with passionate breath and blossoms white,
butterfly kisses caress clueless heart
desires reignite when you are apart.


Jingle had nominated me for Week 17 Perfect Poet Award 🙂 Thank you so much Jingle for the honour 🙂

” Verses on paper
Words say a story untold
beating in my heart “

I nominate Ediomo Udofia 🙂
I take this oppurtunity to accept three more awards from Jingle and one from Dudo
Mind Blowing Award
Simply Special 2 Be Your Friend Award

Spread your wings
Will present these awards to other bloggers soon 🙂
Thanks again Jingle 🙂

19 thoughts on “Thursday Poet’s Rally Week 18 ::Whispers of a Dream::

  1. How sweet. I love the visual aspects of this poem.
    "Embroidering dreams under starlit night"

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