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Happy Wednesday. In a world of perfectly curated and planned content, I would like to share some unscripted moments from my life.

Why so grumpy 😝

I still can’t get over this photo. That face is too real.

I accidentally ordered 40 bananas online πŸ™ƒ  I don’t know how I could be so carelessπŸ™ˆ    We usually order half a dozen for a week. But my husband worked his magic and baked banana bread and a dozen muffins – which I then packed and dropped at my friend’s and Uncle’s home.

Super soldier pose – I hadn’t tried the pose in months, so after a good hip-opening session, I decided to give it a shot. It definitely wasn’t easyβ€”I fell all over the place before finally finding some balance!.

It is the season of Torch Lily. I had planned a play date for my son and his friends in a park. We were walking on the beautifully maintained pathways when I saw the reflection of Torch lilies – it looked so pretty. A flame of red and yellow.

I was looking at the stock chart of the Guzman Gomez when I noticed an emoji. Do you see it? Why so meh GYG!  πŸ˜„

A rainbow over the ocean – on our way back from an island in Maldives. It was one of the most beautiful things I saw during my stay.

My recent road trip from Sydney to Mount Hotham is probably the most exciting and adventurous trip of this year. The scenic views, the snow activities, skiing – even though a lot was unplanned – we ended up having a lot of fun.

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  1. Now we are all caught up with you.
    I love your yoga pose. I took up yoga late in life and after three decades of running my legs especially are still tight. I love yoga though.
    I love your free wheeling post. In the early days of blogging there were more posts like this and I miss them.

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