World’s Largest Lego Store in Sydney | Stunning Lego Sculptures

The world’s largest LEGO store, about 900 sq meters, spanning across two floors, opened up in Sydney last year. It has over 10 million Lego bricks and offers many exciting features and attractions for LEGO enthusiasts of all ages. I have visited the store twice already as I work nearby.

Visiting the world’s largest LEGO store in Sydney is not just about shopping; it’s an adventure that offers inspiration, creativity, and fun for LEGO fans. I wasn’t a big fan until I started making mini sculptures with my little kid. We enjoy making weird robots and colorful houses on wheels. And these days, we are obsessed with making Geometry Dash faces.

Location: Pitt Street Mall, Sydney
400 George Street, entry is Via Pitt Street Mall
Sydney, NSW 2000

The Lego store in Sydney has numerous larger-than-life sculptures that will impress you the moment you step inside.

opera house made of lego blocks - lego sculpture

An interesting fact about the LEGO store in Sydney is that it features a massive, custom-built LEGO replica of the Sydney Opera House. This stunning model is made up of 303,719 LEGO bricks and showcases the iconic architecture of one of Australia’s most famous landmarks. The intricate details of the reflection in the water and the sky have left me in awe. The bricks are so flawlessly assembled that, at first glance, it appears more like a painting than a sculpture.

lego sculpture in world's biggest lego store

When you go up the escalator, you will come across Sydney Harbour Bridge – made of a whooping 549,378 Lego bricks and took 3629 hours to complete.

World's Largest Lego Store in Sydney | Stunning Lego Sculptures
World's Largest Lego Store in Sydney | Stunning Lego Sculptures

A Lego wall where you can write your name with Lego blocks.

brick-built LEGO® Star Wars™ Emperor Palpatine’s Throne sculpture made by Brickman
The 25th anniversary of LEGO® Star Wars™.

Omg! How impressive is this brick-built LEGO® Star Wars™ Emperor Palpatine’s Throne sculpture made by Brickman.

lego sculpture watermelon

I love this cute watermelon guy – meticulously made with Lego bricks. It also provides a great photo opp if you can angle your face properly. 🙂

lego sculpture - rainbow tree made of lego blocks

Look at this stunning Rainbow Gum Tree (Eucalyptus Tree) that features several iconic Australian animals – made of 183,394 pieces and took over 1200 hours to build. It is one of my favorite sculptures in the store. Koala, Cockatoo, and Kookaburra make it so endearingly Australian. Check out the art process here

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world largest lego store in sydney

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  1. This looks incredible! I know many people who would go absolutely crazy for the chance to visit the store. All the exhibits are so fun, especially the Rainbow Gum Tree. And wow, the amount of time and effort it took to put everything together!

  2. These lego sculptures ou present are amazing. Here in Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA our Botanic Garden had life size lego animals that were also pretty amazing.
    We went on vacation years ago to Legoland in California and that was amazing as well.

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