Sydney CBD on a Rainy Evening | Travel Photography

I have been working remotely for over 3 years now. But occasionally, I would go to the office to meet the team. More often than not the reason for my visit is a farewell lunch. I would soon be eligible for long service leave, so you can imagine how many times I have watched people come and go.

I live in a Sydney suburb, where life is quiet, filled with the sounds of birds and swaying gum trees. But still shy of being called “slow living” as they say on Instagram. Life as a software engineer can be anything but slow, even though everything else may seem like that.

I love the city vibes whenever I visit the CBD. Lively, loud, vibrant. With trams and cars and sleek streets running between tall buildings. The walk to my office is very distracting. Hi-end outlets, craft stores, bookstores, the smell of delicious fried food, and coffee wafting in the air. I show a strong will while walking down the cobbled path to arrive on time, but on my way back, in the evening, I dawdle like my toddler. Browsing books, feeling the pages of beautiful journals, drinking gong cha, and trying out cosmetics that I would never buy.

The evening on a rainy day looks absolutely romantic. Like living inside a coming-of-age movie. Like living in the dreams of a small-town girl. This city reminds me of my childhood dreams, the crazy desire to live and work in a foreign land, like they do in Bollywood movies.

I had plans to catch up with a friend after work and eat delicious hot food. We headed towards Regent Place in the CBD, known for many Asian restaurants. We decided to order these huge bowls of noodles and chicken soup. Noodle soup on a cold rainy day is … perfection.

After that, we also ate ice cream – Osmantus flavored green tea ice cream. Doesn’t hurt to be fancy once in a while.

The ride back home is quiet in the late evenings. I keep myself busy by writing a blog post on my phone or reading an ebook. Just waiting to reach home and hug my precious little baby.

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13 thoughts on “Sydney CBD on a Rainy Evening | Travel Photography

  1. Gorgeous shots and a dreamy walk. Love treating this, Raji and good to know that the job is going well. Oh, I know how busy software engineer life can be Or for that matter any full time roles. I feel good that you

  2. Sydney is on the bucketlist! Your photos make it so inviting. Thank you for the tour. πŸ™‚ We have a similar situation here, living in the Toronto suburbs. Nice to have to big city nearby.

    1. Yeah, convenient when I want to escape the quiet of the suburb and feel the city vibes. πŸ™‚ Hope you get to visit Sydney soon.

  3. The pictures for sure looks like a scene out of a glamorous street from Manhattan or some such. And the food looks delicious, though the cold is something I need to imagine it being rather warm in this part of the world.

    1. Thank you. πŸ™‚ Sydney weather can be so unpredictable sometimes. Even in summer we reach out to warm bowl of soup.

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