Kniphofia or Red Hot Poker Flowers

It is the season of Red Hot Poker Or Torch Lily. Fiery bright colors, as if the stems are holding little pockets of fire. They stand out as the flower stalk is pretty tall. I was absolutely enamored by them when I spotted these bottle brush kind of flowers by the roadside.

Also known as the Poker plant, this plant is native to Africa, with evergreen spiky leaves. In Australia, they grow in winter, from late June to late August or September. You can find more interesting facts about the plant here.

We found them on our walk in a neighboring suburb, which has beautiful bushwalking tracks. The trail is not very busy and is great for kids to ride their bicycles or scooters.

We are discovering new walking tracks in areas that aren’t too far from our home. Most of the popular tracks are in the mountains or near the coast but are often busy during weekends. Finding parking spots and traffic on Sydney roads can be quite frustrating as well.

As the temperature is slowly rising, I am hoping to take my little one on nature walks as he enjoys being in the woods, listening to birds, and finding insects.

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