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On winter days, when the cold brushes my bones, I hug you tight and run my icy hands across your chest. You squirm to get out of my grasp. Laughing, mostly annoyed.

“I am cold”, I complain.
“Then do push-ups”

But all I want is to wrap you around me. Hold you close. Sit inside your skin. Is that romantic?

Let’s sulk in the rain.

Cups of Mocha Latte and a bowl full of Murukku, contemplate life as we watch our toddler put a huge rock inside his t-shirt.

“I want to have a big tummy like Mommy”, he says, eyes twinkling with mischief.

He got my eyes, but the mischievousness is definitely yours. The sound of your laughter reverberates in the damp sunroom.

I feel the warmth slowly reach my heart.


I love waking up to surprises. Like a clean living room. Toys all packed away. You surprise me with folded laundry and I surprise you with a spick and span kitchen counter.

We both have very busy mornings. The other day, you made me a burger for breakfast and left it on my desk when I was dropping our kid at the preschool. Oh, the joy I left. A burger for breakfast is the best kind of breakfast.

I love how you tell me that the Chai I make tastes good, and then proceed to fix it according to your taste. And then fix mine too, because I like your version better. 😛

Life is moving fast and no amount of #slowliving is going to make a difference. But in these moments, I feel the world slow down. There’s you and me. And of course, our little one building a space gun from Lego blocks, making farting noises for fun.

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3 thoughts on “I am cold. Then Do Pushups. | Of Love and Relationship

  1. Aww..this is such a lovely post, Raj! The little things partners do for each other make the days that much more pleasant, despite the glumness that threatens to spoil the scenery.

  2. These little snippets of joy may seem mundane, but they are what make the life worth living. Loved reading about your son as well. Precious!

  3. What a sweet warm post Raj. Life is about these small happy surprises, little things we do for each other that have the power to completely turn around a meh/bad/boring day. That image of a rock inside your son’s shirt will make me smile for a long time :-D.

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