Does it feel good to be bad | Short Poem | Creative writing

I have hidden the ugly side of my soul
the one that tsk tsk other peoples’ roles
who would have grumbled at their jolly
certainly laughed at every folly
And judged their decisions by the light of the lamp
Oh in my story you are the vamp

I can’t find her in the depth of my being
But I know she hides, lurking in between
Whispering words that I would never vocalise
can’t let my goody side get ostracised

still I let you play this silent game
hiding you behind a mask of shame
so well trained is my pretty side of life
you will never be allowed to strive

and yet I can’t help but wonder
Does it feel good to be bad?


Yes, being goody good is boring, and I have been very well trained by my people that I can’t even consciously let a mischievous thought in my head. But khurafati dimag still exists. Hidden somewhere in deep.

Wrote this post for the prompt Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde – a writing exercise by my favorite blogging community.

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6 thoughts on “Does it feel good to be bad | Short Poem | Creative writing

  1. I loved this thought, Raj! Yes, we are trained right from our childhood to be “good” girls. But the mind is such, it is made to create thoughts of every hue, shape and size. And, the law of the universe is such that where good exists, bad is somewhere nearby. So, yes, however much we keep our mind squeaky clean, there will always be a bad/evil thought lurking in the shadows. And that’s absolutely okay! 🙂

  2. It’s really interesting to point out that side of us. It feels really good to be bad. Been there, done that, but that side taught me that it takes a whole load of understanding of self and making peace with self to be kind and truly good.

  3. The ugly side lives inside all of us. Right? Maybe, it feels good to be bad because we are free from the task of hiding the not so good pieces of us! It’s okay to let that ugly side out every once in a while, right?
    Anyway, I loved this poem, Raj. You have pushed me into a thinking well. I can’t quite decide which side I show often.

  4. Wow Raj – they say good girls finish last but they forget about how every woman worth her salt secretly desires the bad boy 😉 I love how well you have used words like ostracized, vamp and mask of shame. You should write poems more often as this one is really a wowzer and an excellent take on the prompt. Looking forward to your next one!! The new prompt is up

  5. So well put Raj. This is true for a lot of us, specially girls. If they put one tiny step out of their goody goody image, the way they have been trained to be, they are beset with doubts and guilt. But like you said, it must be fun to be a little bit bad.

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