Poetry Scrapbook Journal | Art Inspiration

Do you remember the poetry scrapbook journal I created a few years back? It has been a while but time and again I would look at those pages and wonder how I created them so effortlessly.

Poetry Scrapbook Journal |  Art Inspiration

This year I would like to create more Poetry journals and scrapbook pages. When I opened these pages last week, my mind was completely blank. I wasn’t sure where to start or how to start. I played around with a few designs, did google searches, and scoured through Pinterest. But once I got started, it didn’t take long to come up with a design.

I bought a bunch of journal stickers and washi tape from Shein last December. I am very determined to make at least 12 poetry journal pages this year.

For this journal page, I used pressed flowers, made from flowers that bloomed in my garden last Spring. I dried these flowers by pressing them between books and tissue paper. Be mindful when doing that because sometimes large flowers have moisture that could lead to the growth of fungus between pages. Trust me, I lost a few pages of my Yoga Anatomy book. This time I placed them between tissue paper and placed them under heavy objects like laptops and books.

Poetry Scrapbook Journal photos

Poetry Scrapbook Journal |  Art Inspiration
Poetry Scrapbook Journal |  Art Inspiration
Poetry Scrapbook Journal |  Art Inspiration
Poetry Scrapbook Journal |  Art Inspiration
Poetry Scrapbook Journal |  Art Inspiration

Here are some of the pages I made before :

Poetry Scrapbook Journal

I have collected an awesome bunch of Journal supplies this year. I received two beautiful journals from my generous secret Santa, along with beautiful journal stickers. A self-care journal and daily journal with thoughtful prompts. I also bought a journal notebook and stencil from Notebook therapy (which is a Japanese and Korean Stationary delivery site). My friend had gifted me a journal stamp from Notebook Therapy as well.

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5 thoughts on “Poetry Scrapbook Journal | Art Inspiration

  1. These are simply beautiful, Raj! You’re so creative and I love your poetry – they are so evocative and they flow like water, with a natural ease and grace!! I am eagerly looking forward to your poetry journal, after reading this post. The dried flowers are so magical, aren’t they? Can’t wait to get inspired by you. :))

  2. God Raj these are just gorgeous!! I will look forward to seeing your 12 journal pages for this year. I too use pressed flowers a lot and your tip of putting them in between tissue paper is precious. I use newspaper and used wrapping sheets to do the needful. I love it when I open a book after a long time and these fall out 🙂

  3. Wow, Raj! These look lovely! I am so inspired by your scrap book ideas. Last year, my mum gifted me a bouquet for my anniversary. I kept two of the pretty roses in my diary. I need to go, check them. I hope they haven’t caught fungus or anything. I could use that diary to make a scrapbook, right? It already has some stickers that came with the diary. Also, I loved the poetry you have shared. How easily the thoughts seem to come to you!

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