A day in the life of a remote Software Engineer

I scrambled out of the bed, regretting every single thing I did last night. Chiding myself one more time for not having self-control, I dashed into the bathroom to quickly make myself presentable enough for dropping off my toddler at daycare. My eyes looked terrible. Still burning. Still tired. The eye bags only get deeper. Why in the world did I read two science fiction on the same night? Anyway, welcome to my blog – here’s a glimpse of the life of a software engineer working remotely.

I managed to get my little one ready after bribing him with Booba and Police trucks. The drive through the Sydney suburbian streets helps me to quieten the chatter in my head. My neighborhood is lovely – with hilly terrain, a glimpse of the Blue Mountains, and a long road covered by a canopy of Eucalyptus trees. Although, the morning rush hour traffic can be frustrating at times.


I reached home just in time to attend the morning stand-up call with my teammates. We shared a little bit about our life, back pain and eye pain, and a horde of other medical ailments that come with our profession. Then we discussed the work we did the previous day and what we plan to do next.

Life of software engineer | that girl aesthetic | desk setup

Have you seen that-girl-life aesthetics that is quite popular in social media, definitely ain’t me. There’s no lighting up the candles or slowly topping off drinks with an enormous amount of cream. Or gently tapping lotion on the face. My aesthetics are more like hurried-worried-mom life, where I brush at a speed just safe enough not to bleed. Slap sunscreen on the face because when the morning Australian sun hits you through the windshield, it burns. A very hungry mom too because I don’t get to eat until 11 am, after finishing all the calls and morning work.

I am very aware that I could change my life if I wake up an hour early, but who could resist Netflix right? Or even reading late into the night? Or being 2am poet? Yeah, even I thought I would be better at adulting!

In contrast, my husband goes to the gym at 5 am. Like what!!!


My breakfast is very simple and easy. Usually, I make mocha (coffee with hot chocolate) and crackers topped with avocado or a slice of bread with fried eggs.

Today I wrote acceptance test cases for functionality I pushed last month. I took over the development of that functionality from the previous team so I had to hit the ground running. Lots of coding, collaboration with clients, and even worked overtime. These days I am busy backfilling integration test cases. Followed by testing, and assisting colleagues with their queries. More meetings. On days when I am having trouble focusing on work, I like to time-box my tasks. I start a timer for 30 minutes and stay focused on the task. This productivity tip has been very helpful to me this year.

I get a lot more done when I am not multitasking. Seriously!


shitake mushroom with tofu in oyster sauce noodles

I usually make a quick lunch, but today I wanted to be fancy. So I prepared stir-fried Tofu and Shitake mushrooms in Oyster sauce noodles. Well, this is all the fancy I can get. 🙂

Followed by more coding and meetings.

Life of software engineer | coding | developer

I take breaks in between to stretch, do a little bit of reading or learn from online courses. I work till 5 pm if there are no high-priority issues.

Learning and Growth

This year I have set goals to improve my tech skills. I am brushing up my Python knowledge through a Harvard course that’s available for free till next year. I don’t code in Python at work, but I find it interesting. I also use chatGPT to write fun python programs.

Life of software engineer | python programming

I am improving my AWS skills through free AWS courses. Currently learning AWS Lamba foundations. I have already worked with both AWS and Google Cloud services on different projects. It is always good to know more about upcoming technologies and familiarise yourself with the terminologies.

Life of software engineer | desk setup


Evenings are very busy with chores and family time. I go through the whole routine of cooking, cleaning, toddler bath time, feeding, and sleeping in a matter of a few hours. In between that I will sneak a look at my Instagram reels and engage with people.

Today I exercised in the evening. But most days, I just do it whenever I find the time. It could be during lunchtime, before eating, or just after work. I have started tracking my workouts in FitOn app again.

I haven’t worked at the office since 2019 (when I went on maternity leave for a year). And by the time I was back, Covid had already started spreading, resulting in us going into lockdown. Last year, I went to the office twice, only because there was an event and a lot of food was involved. Although I do miss the office environment, I don’t miss traveling by train during peak hours. All the time that I get after clocking off at 5 pm, I don’t want to trade that with anything.

purple sunset in sydney

On days when my husband offers to drop the kid at preschool, I drink my coffee in the garden, watching the sunlight filtering through the trees. My feeble attempt at that-girl-aesthetic. I also take lots of pictures which I would post for the next 6 weeks as #thatgirl

that-girl-aesthetic drinking tea in the morning | relaxing

I practically raised my kid through Covid years, working from home. I do not know how things will be if we were called back to the office. That’s what my nightmares are made of.

During my remote life, I welcomed new colleagues, and bid farewell to many. Some I didn’t even get to meet. Got a raise, a promotion, received a bonus, and appreciation for my work.

We have a Bravo award system where employees can appreciate each other by giving them points. Eg: successful production release, helping with tasks, resolving issues, etc. These points directly convert to dollars. With the points I had collected over time, I was able to buy this Kodak mini printer, something I had always wanted for journaling.

mini retro 3 kodak

If you are still reading, thank you for being here. This wannabe #thatGirl needs to go and make some Matcha Latte. { I promise I will stir slowly and not churn it like Lassi.}

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7 thoughts on “A day in the life of a remote Software Engineer

  1. It is nice to see how you do it all! Balancing work and personal life is always but it is amazing how you do it all. I’ve been working from my office on most days since I started working in Germany. It was difficult at the beginning to transition from mostly working from home to mostly working from office. I like the flexibility that remote work offers but sadly my work requires a lot of in office work 🙁

    Looking forward to read more of your posts about working as a software engineer!

  2. I have no idea of #thatgirl as I think I somewhere skipped that trend and am progressing at my speed. I had been toying with the idea of slowing down and moving to a smaller city where things dont seem so chaotic. Finally decided and made the move to my hometown and 6 months down, Its been the best decision so far.
    Slowing down is the best thing I have done for myself and though people have been warning me that I will get bored of it soon enough and crave the city life soon enough; I am loving it at the moment.
    I can imagine your joy at enjoying that cup of coffee in your garden (which is also really beautiful) and love seeing your yoga pics. So I am happy to see whatever I can of your IG feed and whenever. Do your thing girl for you are acing it and HOW!!!

  3. Thanks for such a wonderfully intimate peek into your life. You get SO much done. I feel absolutely inefficient now, because sometimes entire days pass by when I’ve worked a lot and done nothing.

  4. Precisely what I asked you in my comment on my post: How DO you manage it all so well, Raj!?
    Phew, although you are working from home, this looks like a packed day! You may not be the #thatgirl, but for me, you definitely are THE girl, who juggles a hundred things with panache!
    Keep inspiring us all, girl!
    Much love!

  5. Whew! That’s such a whirlwind of a day. Reminds me of the time when the twins were babies. Your sense of balance seems to work as well in yoga as in your regular life :-).
    Need to look up what’s #thatgirl aesthetic is.

  6. I had decided that I don’t want to be #ThatGirl after watching some videos of #thatgirl. It’s too much for me to keep up with. I do love my slow mornings, but there is nothing glamorous or Instagram worthy about my mornings. I love Python, though I am not working as a developer, I do play with python. And I didn’t like AWS. I decided not to pursue further after getting the certification on it.
    I hear you on multitasking. I am a failure at that. Thinking while driving is also a multitasking activity for me which had led to mistakes (missing a right turn and such). Pomodoro technique does wonders when I am serious about getting things done. But this year I haven’t found my groove yet.
    I don’t know how you are managing to do all the things you do, Raj. I can’t watch or read anything past 10:30 pm. You are an incredible human being for working as a full time software engineer, writing, blogging, creating art, updating your insta feed, practicing yoga, mommying, doing house works, and finding time to come up with your own version of #ThatGirl aesthetics. Simply amazing.

    1. Oh frankly, balancing work, life and my hobbies is like holding bakasana. Takes every ounce of my strength. But as long as you love it, everything is good. Somedays I do want to just lie in front of TV and watch a romantic korean drama. I consider it self care. Haha. Thank you so much for visiting my blog and sharing your views. Always a pleasure to have you here.

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