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I am sitting in my garden as I type these words, enjoying a warm breezy winter afternoon. It is half-day Friday today. My workplace has given us half-day on all the Fridays in the month of July and August. I am beyond excited to get the whole afternoon all to myself – the peace and quiet that I feel during these hours is priceless.

Today I finished an intense 90 minutes of yoga working on spinal twists, side bends, and backbends. I followed a 45 min video from one of my favorite accounts on Youtube, and finished my session with some core workouts and cool down. I could concentrate on the breathing, without worrying about my toddler constantly trying to climb on my shoulders or sit on my back.

one legged wheel pose - chakrasana yoga pose

I have spent these Fridays working on arm balances and backbends, two things that I couldn’t concentrate on for many months now. Mostly because they both need a lot of warmup and focus which is really hard to find with a toddler around. With him around, I find it easier to do yoga stretches and bodyweight workouts.

hollow back handstand - yoga with baby

When I am done exercising, I make myself a nice cup of Hojicha (roasted green tea), plop myself in front of the TV and watch Korean Drama. My current favorite is Alchemy of Souls.

I recently bought a mechanical wall clock 3D puzzle that consists of 231 pieces. The wall clock is functional and looks extremely pretty in the pictures. Although the estimated time to finish this puzzle is around 4-5 hours, I am pretty sure it will take me days to finish it. There’s no way I will be building this in front of my little one.

I have spent around 3 hours already and got just one gear done. There are like 10 pages, of instructions. Haha, I don’t know what I was thinking. But hopefully, I will get this done without any damage. The next puzzle on my wish list is a Book Nook which would be perfect for my library.

Before my toddler comes back home in the evening and I get busy with the chores, I spend the sunset hours by the poolside. The colors look absolutely amazing. Purple, pink, and orange hues splashed across the western sky.

I have spent many winter evenings perched on the edge of the pool this year. Perks of working from home and actually being able to see a sunset instead of commuting back from the office.

Working from home has spoiled me. I love my quiet life. The silence of the day is only broken by the chirping of birds. There are rows of Daisies and Clivia orange flowers currently blooming in my garden. The succulents are thriving too. And I can admire them through the window as I work on my code.

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  1. Rajlakshmi, you are one lucky girl to be able to enjoy the beautiful scenery sitting on your patio. The purple and pink sky looks amazing. Love the disciplined way you do yoga and your cutie pie watches you. I am motivated to do some yoga but easier asanas only 🙂

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