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My workplace has started half-day Fridays for the month of July and August. I am beyond excited and look forward to those peaceful hours when I have space to do all the things that have been pending for many many months. This post has been sitting in my drafts for weeks now, life and its priorities always stop me from hitting the publish button. So here I am, finally publishing my new Zentangle Inspired Design Tutorial – Qainaat.

I finished this artwork over a span of 3 weeks, mostly at night after my family has gone to bed. With music blazing in my ears, I find joy in black pen and patterns that may or may not mean anything.

I never considered myself an artist while growing up. My drawings were just good enough to get a grade that wasn’t embarrassing. My sister is actually the real artist in the family. I probably drew the usual “mountain, river, and palm tree” scene throughout my school years. So even I find it surprising that I find so much peace and comfort in drawing lines and tangle patterns.

I also like the ease and convenience of drawing zentangles. I don’t need to make elaborate preparations to start drawing. With office-work and a toddler, I find it hard to take out my paints and color peacefully. So until my toddler learns to stop putting colors in his mouth, black pens will be my savior.

Below you will find the step-by-step progress pictures.

zentangle inspired artwork tutorial progress picture

Chalo Ao Qainaat Baant Lety Hein
Tum Meri Baqi Sab Tumhara

This shayari totally made me go “haayeeee“. Too bad I don’t know who wrote this but it is pretty popular. I love reading Hindi and Urdu shayari and am often mesmerized by the beauty of certain words and the emotions they evoke. Qainaat is one of them. Also spelled as Kainat. It means universe/world/ all of the creations in English.

zentangle inspired artwork

I wanted my artwork to be flowery. I felt the wavy lines gave the effect I was looking for. Also, they are easy and quick to draw.

zentangle inspired artwork
zentangle inspired design

Here’s the completed artwork.

Qainaat - zentangle inspired artwork
flower art tutorial

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3 thoughts on “Qainaat | Zentangle Inspired Design | Artwork

  1. Isn’t it just wonderful when you get some extra time off? It gives you the feeling like you can do sooo much. Glad you’re making time for art. Your work is so beautifully intricate.

  2. That is a beautiful piece of artwork Raj! 😀 I love the tiny details you’ve added to this!

  3. Your Zentangle is beautiful. Liked how intricate and delicate the pattern is. So wonderful that you are making time for it. Hope all is well at your end, Raj!

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