That Alien Girl | Short Poem About Life

I used to be called an
   l   @  @    i
        e     n
-endearingly though-
painfully shy with insanely

        g hair and a
    h         e
/         \/      \
a               r
    \        /   
          t         stuffed with ridiculous dreams

I would often pretend to cringe at rom-coms
and roll eyes at couples on the beach
u n t i l I became one of them
digging my feet in the sand
soft kisses and long drives
holding hands and whatnot

years sped by
like the beats of a hummingbird’s wings
dreams flourished

and a few perished too

I live this life in a different body now
– a bit of cellulite and mommy pooch-
opinions driven by social media

a face with
       e                    b
y           e      ro            ws

wrinkles and wisdom that only come with age

but I still feel her deep in my bones
that sweet little reckless alien girl
bubbling to live again


I was always called an alien by my friends, in a friendly teasing way. I never felt bad about it because I knew my personality was a bit different. I could come off as both eccentric and friendly. It was a weird mix of personalities and I was still trying to figure out my life. This was when I was in my twenties. You can say I was a late bloomer. I often joke to my friends that I reached puberty when I was 25. Maybe even later.

For those who are confused about eyebrows, I never really had eyebrows. They were pretty much invisible all through my life until a few months ago. And I barely had like 2 eyelashes on my lower eyelid. A lot has changed now. I grew my eyebrows in 2 months, but that’s a story for another day.

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This is me reminiscing about the old days, young love, and the reckless alien girl that hides inside me – a poem about life I have lived.

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    1. Hahah looks like a lot of us reached puberty late. Thank you so much. Glad to see you here in my space.

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