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The comfort of a long relationship! A short poem dedicated to the love I found many many years ago at the lunch table in a busy cafeteria.

i have loved you for so long
that I no longer have memories
of a time when I was truly alone

you are always there
lingering in the background
cracking a joke about me for
dramatically walking in the garden
or asking for a hot cup of Mocha
without sugar of course

i can hear the laughter
forming in your chest
even before your smile widens into a grin
feel the hint of annoyance
before the words tumble out of your mouth
for being a late riser

there’s joy in companionship
when you have watched each other grow
heard the same stories umpteenth times
yet find something new to say

there’s peace in familiarity


This free verse is a bit different from my usual poems. I have been stuck with writer’s block for so long that I simply let the words flow without stopping myself to edit or review.

I also started a week-long writing challenge and invited my friends to participate. Today is Day 1 and I am hoping to write every day for the next 6 days. This is the kind of push sometimes we need to let that creativity flow. Accountability can be an important factor to motivate us.

I am having such a great time reading all the posts that my friends are coming up with. Some even wrote 55’ers which was both hilarious and surprising.

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3 thoughts on “Familiarity | Short Love Poem | Life

  1. Brought a smile at the end! Lovely one. It made me read, twice and I feel like reading it again! That’s the magic of some people’s writing and choice of words.

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