Constellations beyond our grasp | Short Poem

I caught the Crux last night
f        o        t           n  
    l         a         i            g
amidst stardust and raging
molecular clouds
for 20 million years

we don’t walk under the
same sky anymore
you got a flamboyant

                              D                   ip

                                    pe        r
while I have my little
c              o

and yet when shadows
disappear in the dark
we find ourselves s t a r i n g
into the past
sighing at constellations
beyond our grasp


Letting go doesn’t mean that you stop thinking about the person. It doesn’t mean that your wounds will be healed. But you grow stronger with time. Strong enough to accept and live with the scars. Strong enough to look at the past without remorse, but a passing glimpse, like staring into the night and looking at the stars that may not even exist.


I was able to capture the Southern Cross on my phone. The Crux constellation can only be seen in the Southern Hemisphere while the Big Dipper or Ursa Major can be seen in the Northern Hemisphere.

Below is the image that inspired me to write this poem, combining my love for words and the night sky.

Sydney night sky with southern cross and cruz constellation

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