Double Rainbow Delight | Short Poem

Rainbows can be so poetic. Everytime I see one, words starting forming in my head. Not rhyming words, but free verses flowing and weaving together expressing things that are close to my heart. Below is a short poem that I wrote a few years ago, inspired by all things nature and rainbows.

life poem short poetry
Short Life Poem

Short poems that stay alive long after the rainbow has faded.

I don’t remember seeing a rainbow while growing up. Even though the conditions were right I could never manage to spot any color amidst tall Eucalyptus trees and dense bamboo groves. I did see a few when I started working in Bangalore but the frequency of spotting a rainbow increased many times in Sydney.

Last week my husband woke me up from my slumber early in the morning, asking me to look outside the window. I was surprised by the sepia-colored sun rays streaming into the bedroom. The world looked completely different, as if drenched in orange hues.

I ran outside and there it was – a massive double rainbow right above my house. It looked so magnificent. The color tone was so different from other times, maybe due to early morning light.

double rainbow photography
double rainbow photography

I still anticipate and watch rainbows with child-like excitement. There’s something so magical, so absolutely joyous about this natural phenomenon. I am so happy that my little toddler appreciates this beauty. We have seen a couple of them from my garden.

It is hard to not think about and be effected by the recent world events. We have been continuosly struggling with news of tragedy and devastation. Sometimes finding joy may actually make you feel guilty. But I hope that you are able to cope up and find a slice of happiness.

Take care.

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