Zentangle Design | Black Pen Artwork

Presenting before you my latest zentangle inspired artwork, made with a combination of tangle and floral patterns. I included a lot of tangle patterns in this zentangle design.

I didn’t have any design in mind when I started working on it. I love drawing in the evening sometimes and really wanted to do something creative. And I knew that if I kept waiting for an idea I would never be able to draw anything. So I picked my drawing book and scrolled through tanglepatterns for tutorials on different tangles. The site is the encyclopedia of tangle patterns. I picked a few tangles I liked and started working on them.

Zentangling is different than doodling. While tangles are drawn mindfully, you can allow your mind to run wild when drawing doodles. This is probably why I keep going back to drawing zentangles. It is therapeutic and gives me the kind of peace I need amidst workload and family.

I am quite happy with how this one turned out. Hopefully not too crowded. 🙂

As always, I am sharing step-by-step progress pictures on the zentangle design.

zentangle pattern - step by step progress pictures
tangle patterns  step by step progress pictures
zentangle pattern  step by step progress pictures
zentangle design made with black pen

I don’t have an eraser so the pencil lines are still visible. Haha, I really need to get more art supplies.

zentangle design - inspired artwork -  step by step progress pictures

I have posted a few videos on my Instagram (paperandprose) account too.

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how to draw zentangle

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