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It is that time of the year when the summer nights smell heavenly in my garden. Star Jasmine, Gardenia, Orange tree flowers, and rare appearances of Queen of the night flower make the evenings lovely and aromatic. Here’s a glimpse of summer flowers from my garden.

Sydney and the suburbs had received 4 weeks of rain, soon followed by very hot days, reaching 38 degree celcius. Sydney is still receiving a little bit of rain, proving respite to my plants but I have to check regularly if my plants need more water.

Summer Flowers


I had collected a dried Zinnia flower from a popular garden I visited with my family. Quite frankly, I wasn’t even sure if it would germinate. I simply spread it out in the soil. And approximately 5 months later, I have this gorgeous Zinnia plant with lovely flowers.

Zinnia flower
Zinnia flower
Zinnia flower bud samsung s21 phone
Zinnia flower bud


4 weeks of rain and followed by hot sunny days is doing wonders for my Rose plant. The whole plant is covered in large red roses. Hoping to make some rose water and potpourri. I grew this from a cutting that my Uncle had given me from his garden. Every year, this plant keeps giving more and more.

Queen of the night or Dutchman’s pipe cactus

Here comes my favorite. This was the first bloom of the season.

Queen of the night flower or Tan Hua or Dutchman's pipe cactus

2 weeks later, a few more flowers bloomed at the night.

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Lily of the Nile

Succulent flowers

Surprisingly, my succulents turned out to be more resilient to the non stop downpour. Although the hot weather is concerning for the baby succulents as they shrivel up quite quickly. I love the below flower. This is the first time it had flowered. The orange and yellow hues look so pretty.

orange yellow succulent flower clicked on samsung s21
Succulent flower
orange yellow succulent flower clicked on samsung s21


Don’t they smell heavenly!

Star Jasmine

star jasmine sweet smelling flower




I didn’t know the name of this plant and had to google for “orange flowers with round leaves”.

Nasturtium flower orange flowers with round leaves

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  1. lovely florals. Floral macros are one of my favorites. The pipe cactus bloom looks similar to the night blooming cereus. Yours blooms at night as well!

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