Mammatus Clouds at Sunset | Photography

After a super hot and humid day here in Sydney, we were blessed with some rain and rainbow in the evening. And a stunning sunset too. I had always wanted to see Mammatus clouds formation. Although the shape wasn’t as spectacular as I had expected, I was pleasantly surprised by this marvelous spectacle.

I was outside in the garden for an hour in the evening, enjoying the breeze and watching the sky change color.

mammatus clouds

The Mammatus clouds look like pouches underneath the sky.

mammatus clouds

The color of the sky gradually changed from amber and gold to a deep orange tone.

mammatus clouds sunset photography

And once the sun had set, the sky turned purple and pink before darkness took over.

sunset in sydney
purple sunset
purple sunset

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Pink and Purple sunset

10 thoughts on “Mammatus Clouds at Sunset | Photography

  1. Brilliant! I did not know the name of such a formation. Raji. I have seen this in not these colors but mostly in shades of grey when it’s about to rain. Loved your shots and how lucky to witnessed this.

  2. Oh! What a treasure on a cold, gloomy, foggy day here in India.

    Thanks for the ray of sunshine and opal skies.

    How are you Raj? Wishing you and yours an abundantly blessed 2022.

  3. I love your mammatus clouds and am glad you gave us a bunch of different views to see. We sometimes get them here and they are kind of a treat.

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