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In the month of October and November when Spring is in its prime, the streets in Australia turn into a brilliant color of blue, purple, and indigo. It is also popularly called “Jacaranda season”. The soft and silky Jacaranda flowers are well known and loved.

Jacaranda Flowers blooming in Sydney

Jacaranda trees aren’t native to Australia but are subtropical trees from South America. They are known for their striking flowers that bloom in Spring and early Summer. These long-lasting Jacaranda flowers would adorn the skyline pretty much all through Spring. You can read more interesting facts here – Jacaranda.

Although there is one street in Sydney that has been made extremely popular due to the exposure on Instagram (McDougall Street in Kirribilli), you can find canopies of Jacaranda trees in most Sydney suburbs. They provide an excellent photo opportunity.

I love the ones in my neighborhood. They look amazing with the outline of the Blue Mountains in the backdrop.

Jacaranda Flowers

Jacaranda Flowers blooming in Sydney

I took these pictures while on a walk around the neighborhood with my husband.

jacaranda flowers sydney
Jacaranda Flowers blooming in Sydney
Jacaranda Flowers blooming in Sydney
jacaranda flowers

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