DIY – Floral Bookmark Designs | Black pen art

Bringing some color and cheer back to my blog. Sydney has opened up after four months in lockdown. It feels great to see shops and restaurants in business and people going about their normal lives. I would soon be going back to work from the office. But before all that, let me show you some cheerful floral illustrations I made recently.`

I made a couple for my friends depicting the onset of Spring. These were fun to make. I tried to keep the designs simple and similar. Drawing floral patterns is really calming. And they looked really good on my table until I shipped them away.

I am also working on a new Zentangle Inspired artwork and planning to finish it over the weekend. So another art post coming soon.

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3 thoughts on “DIY – Floral Bookmark Designs | Black pen art

  1. Wow! So beautiful these are, Raj! Your bookmarks nudge me to get back to drawing and sketching. I don’t know what’s been getting in the way as I seem to be on this looooong break from anything remotely arty. 🙂

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