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I don’t have enough words to describe the immense gratitude and respect I have for frontline workers and the medical community. The sheer determination, diligence, and sacrifice during the coronavirus pandemic has not just warmed millions of hearts but also thrown a light on the importance of a good health care system.

I wrote these words thinking about the distress and trauma they must have felt during this period.

short poem on doctors

I hope all these beautiful souls find peace and light.

As individuals, it is also our duty to take necessary precautions by wearing masks, sanitizing our hands and getting vaccinated. My parents got the vaccination in India and my in-laws in Australia. The Australian government is giving free vaccination to everyone, even those on tourist visas. My husband and I will be getting our first dose next month.

Although the spread of coronavirus has been under control in Sydney, the number of cases from community transmission rose in the past few days leading to a lockdown. I really hope the rollout of the vaccination will fasten and the government will get a majority of the population vaccinated.

Losing someone suddenly due to covid19 is heartbreaking. We lost a close relative in India, who was a mother to a 5 year old. We still haven’t come out of shock and grief. I know many who are grieving the loss of their family members.

This is not an easy year either but as more people are getting vaccinated, let’s hope for a better future. Stay safe everyone.

5 thoughts on “Stay home stay safe | Covid19

  1. Our federal government has stuffed this up so badly it makes me so mad! And also the vaccine-hesitant people. Too complacent for their own good. The thing is we cannot continue to live with lockdown and closed borders. So, so angry right now

    1. Absolutely. Unless people get vaccinated we would always be in the fear on another lockdown. It is frustrating! It surprises me people are hesitant about vaccination when they can see the death rates in other countries. So badly want to go back to normal life.

  2. I am grateful to God for helping us battle Covid when hubby and I took ill. But, my heart goes out to all those who couldn’t make it. The pandemic has hit the world badly, and I hope and pray we come out of it all sooner.
    Hugs, Raj! I am so sorry for your loss!

    1. Hope you are doing well Shilpa. I just want this to be over. Never thought we would be badly missing the things we took for granted.

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