Sukoon | Zentangle Art Typography

Sukoon – the word fills me with so much yearning. Something we all must be longing for in current times. A little bit of ‘sukoon‘ before I close my eyes at night, or after I make a call to my family in India. Calm, peace, serenity – this Urdu word has many meanings in the English language, but somehow I feel it fails to capture the essence of Sukoon. Maybe because English is my second language.

There hides a reassuring hug behind the word, that slowly untangles the webs in your head and makes your heart sigh.

Sukoon – may we all be blessed with it.

Sharing with you a Zentangle inspired artwork I made with the word.

Step by step Zentangle Inspired Designa

zentangle art design sukoon
zentangle art design sukoon
zentangle art typography sukoon
zentangle art designs sukoon
zentangle art design sukoon

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2 thoughts on “Sukoon | Zentangle Art Typography

  1. I love your art, Raj! I hear you. That moment of peace when we know that all is well with our family back in India – It is peace. We have this saying – lokah samastah sukhino bhavantu – May all beings everywhere be happy and free. This is my small prayer everyday!

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