7 Quick and Easy Drawing Ideas/tips

Speaking from experience, the best way to start an artwork is to simply pick up a pen or pencil and start drawing. Don’t wait for the perfect brush, or the perfect colors, or the perfect paper. With time you will know your style and the kind of art supplies you will need. There is no perfect moment to start drawing. This post is for anyone who wants to draw but does not find enough time to do so. Quick and easy drawing ideas for you.

I am someone who currently does not have enough bandwidth to draw elaborate designs or paintings. A full-time job and a busy toddler take up a lot of my time. Maybe a few years down the line, I will get back to canvas painting, but for now, I enjoy drawing quick artworks with my black and white pens. They barely take an hour to make but can be so fulfilling. In addition, I end up with artworks that I can use in my journal or gift to my friends.

I ALWAYS have my art supplies on my table, whether I draw or not. Having quick access to drawing pens and paper makes it possible for me to go into a creative flow with ease.

I love drawing patterns, specially Zentangle patterns. I am slowly trying to challenge myself to draw 3D patterns. You can find a lot of quick tutorials on Pinterest, which is where I find my inspiration. Zentangle patterns can be both easy and tricky. You can either repeat one pattern or combine it with different patterns to make your design.

Here are a few examples of tangle patterns I had drawn. I turned a few into bookmarks.

quick drawing ideas - zentangle artwork
Before and after filling in the color

The below pattern is called Venetian.

quick drawing ideas - zentangle pattern venetian

Here’s a tutorial from Pinterest that I followed to draw the above design.

Another lovely idea is to use dots and dashes to make your artwork. I combined dots and lettering to create this artwork for a friend. For sure it needs a little bit of patience to fill the whole page. But to see your idea come alive is an experience in itself.

quick drawing ideas - pointillism - lettering

I love using floral designs to fill the background. They are easy to make, look pretty and you don’t have to get them perfect. Just draw with your heart.

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I am really bad at drawing human silhouettes, but I tried. 😅

quick drawing ideas - yoga artwork
quick art ideas - floral illustration
quick drawing ideas - floral zentangle artwork

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These drawings did not take long to complete. I also do not worry about the design too much. Sometimes I have an idea in my head and I go with it, not worrying about the outcome, while other times I start from the corner of the page and improvise as I move down the page.

quick drawing artwork - floral illustration bookmark

Here’s another collection of artworks on black paper which were made within a couple of hours. Although, those hours were spread across a few days.

white pen illustration - quick artwork
Art and the artist

You can find more drawing ideas on this blog in the Art and Craft section.

Hope you liked this post.

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