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Presenting before you, a piece of Autumn from my corner of the world. I really didn’t feel like it was Autumn until I visited Wentworth Falls and saw the magnificent of view fiery leaves in the Blue Mountains area.

We had gone for a hike in the Blue Mountains and while returning we had to walk a km to the car park. This place is known for its rich flora so it is always a pleasure to walk along with the well-maintained gardens and pathways of Wentworth Falls. It was then I noticed rows of Birch, Maple, and Rowan trees, looking magnificent against the clear blue sky.

trees with golden leaves in autumn sydney blue mountains

In the southern hemisphere, Autumn starts in the month of March and stays till May, paving way for winter in June.

trees with yellow leaves in autumn sydney blue mountains

The place was crowded that day as it was Easter weekend. Also, a reason why I couldn’t find a parking spot nearby. The sun was blazing down on us and we were already tired after a tough hike. But these colors made up for everything. I am glad I got the opportunity to admire them given that I barely go out of the house these days.

trees with yellow leaves in autumn sydney blue mountains

The best time to see the colors is in mid-April and early May. But be mindful of the crowd as the popular destinations will be teeming with tourists. I did the mistake of going to Mount Wilson on a holiday. The place was so crowded that we had to drive back home. After that, I either visited on weekdays or tried finding other secret places – like this absolutely magical road.

autumn leaves sydney australia
beautiful autumn leaves

Autumn sunsets are pretty too. This was clicked right outside my home.

Doesn’t it look poetic? I did pen down a few words on Autumn – a short travel poem of sorts.

short autumn travel poem

Hope you enjoyed this post.

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