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Hello there, it has been a while since I posted some photographs of sunset from my home and spots nearby. Hope you enjoy this blend of pink and purple sunset from Sydney.

Opacarophile – Love of sunsets. Yes, there’s a word describing all of us who are crazy about sunsets and don’t miss a chance to see them.

Pink and Purple Sunset

This was captured in a nearby reserve where we take our baby for a walk. I have witnessed many stunning sunsets on this ground. Since the skyline is mostly clear, I have an unobstructed view of the sky bursting in colors.

Pink and Purple Sunset

Purple – pink sunsets are very common in Sydney. Especially of a deeper shade. It feels like you are looking at the world through pink stained glasses.

Here’s another photo of pink and purple sunset. Since it is summer here, the sun goes down only after 8:00 pm, which is when I would be cooking dinner. Some days I would be running out of the kitchen with my phone in hand when I notice the color change in the sky.

Pink and Purple Sunset

Some days I even get to capture a rainbow from my backyard.

The sky looks even more stunning when clouds start dispersing the sunrays. It looks like someone spilled lava in the sky.

Hope you enjoyed these photographs.

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11 thoughts on “Pink and Purple Sunset | Photo blog

  1. I’m so thrilled to see you on #WW. It’s been eons and is always a tteat to my sense to see the awe-inspiring images and the writing, Raj.

    Welcome back to #WordlessWednesday/#WednesdayWisdom

    Hugs and Love to you and your little bubba. Stay safe and have a playful weekend. <3

  2. Omg! All your shots are absolutely breathtaking, Raj! The pink-and-purple sky images are the most dramatic ones including the rainbow captures but the last three shots are my top favourites. I too run to grab quick shots of the sky when I’m working in the kitchen in the evenings, so I can relate to that very closely. 🙂
    So blessed you are, to be able to enjoy such sights from your home, Raj!

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