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5 Amazing Day trips around Bangalore

5 Amazing Day trips around Bangalore

Bangalore or Bengaluru is the capital city of the southern state of Karnataka in India. With the IT boom across the world, Bangalore gained notoriety as the “Silicon Valley of India”. Also known for its gardens, lakes, and generously canopied tree-lined avenues, Bangalore can be quite a treat for the avid nature lover. When I lived in Bangalore a few years ago, the best thing I liked about being here were the awesome spots one could make day trips to on the weekends. I am sharing 5 of my favorite day trips around Bangalore within 150 km from the city

Nandi Hills

(60 km from Bangalore in Chikkaballapur district)

This is a very popular spot with Bangaloreans and over the weekends can get very crowded. Since it’s set up on a hill, there is a marked temperature drop which gets even colder if it rains. The views from here are stunning and there is a lot one can do here besides picnicking in the excellently kept gardens. There is a beautiful Shiva temple – Bhoga Nandeeshwara with really gorgeous architecture that one must not miss visiting. Many sporting activities like treks to nearby places, paragliding, camping, etc have cropped up here which can involve adding a night’s stay to the trip. On the drive to Nandi hills, one can spot rows of grapevines, fields of daisies, marigolds, and other such flowers and even visit the quaint village of Sultanpet which is famous for its potters. 

Bhoga Nandeshwar temple - day trips around bangalore
Bhoga Nandeshwar temple at Nandi Hills
Nandi hills bangalore - day trips around bangalore

Heritage Winery, Ramnagar

(50 km from Bangalore in Ramnagara district)

Ramnagara district of Bangalore has fast turned into a wine country with the setting up of Heritage Vineyards. One can easily make a day trip to the winery for a wine tour, wine tasting, and grape stomping activities. Follow this up with a well laid out lunch spread at their excellent in-house restaurant. The gardens have swings and trampolines for kids to run riot.

The Big Banyan tree

( 30 km from Bangalore in Village Kethohalli)

The Big Banyan tree or the Dodda Alada Mara is a 400-year-old Banyan tree that encompasses almost 3 acres of land. Over time every aerial root bunch has reached the ground to form a new network of the tree, making for one very massive tree indeed. It’s a sight to behold and one must definitely make plans to picnic here at least one weekend.

the big banyan tree - day trips around bangalore

Somnathpur Temple

( 130 km from Bangalore in Somnathpura)

The Chennakesava Temple in Somnathpura is one of the most gorgeous specimens of Hoysala architecture and a sight worth exploring on a weekend. The neat and clean temple complex is maintained by ASI and boasts of some very clean public toilets. The exquisitely carved walls and columns of the temple are guaranteed to take one’s breath away.

somnathpur temple - day trips around bangalore

Ranganthittu Bird Sanctuary

(128 km from Bangalore in Mandya district)

The 40 acres of lush forested land is by the banks of the river Cauvery and one of its tributaries flows through the park which can be easily traversed on a boat. It’s home to some of the most exquisite birds- both local and migratory and is a haven for bird watchers. Early morning is the best time to be out on the river to spot the birds in their habitat, especially in the months of June to November. A host of public conveniences and a restaurant makes this a popular spot to spend a day, either alone or with family.

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  1. I have been to Banglore for sooo many work trips but have never had the opportunity to even explore the city. It was always airport to the training venue and back to the airport. Have heard so much about Nandi Hills. Would love to spend a day at the Heritage Winery.

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