How are you doing?

Hey there, just want to check on how you guys are doing? How’s your life during the pandemic? I know a lot of bloggers have slowed down after the lockdown started, including me. So just wanted to know what you are up to. Let me know in the comment section.


Today marks a week of rain and thunderstorms in Sydney. The first day of summer doesn’t feel like so, but I love it. The wind howling among tall Gum trees or the sound of rain falling incessantly on the window, this week felt calming. Hopefully, my succulent will survive so much water.

Working from home has given me enough time to start studying new courses online. Our company provides us with free courses on Udemy and I am trying to take good advantage of it. I have also started Yoga Teacher’s Training (200 hours) course to further deepen my practice and avoid any injuries as I try to advance. This course has given me an excellent insight into Yoga philosophy and Anatomy. I even cleared my Anatomy test after studying for weeks. Yayy! Right now I am studying sequencing of Yoga asanas and bought this awesome book as a complimentary reading.

My little one is learning new tricks that make me super anxious. We have taken down two more shelves from the wall as he now climbs up on stools and chairs to reach for items. He is absolutely fearless in the pool which makes me even more anxious. Doesn’t hesitate even one bit to jump into it and screams murder when we try to take him away. Thankfully, we have got a proper fence around it which even I struggle to open. He is a total water baby, unlike me.

toddler in the swimming pool

As he is growing up, working from home is becoming quite interesting. He usually attends my daily standup calls in the morning, with his police car running over my keyboard. Sometimes I attend calls with nursery rhymes playing in the background while he is peacefully spreading all my stationery items across the floor, or peacefully sleeping in my arms. After which I have to use my mom-ninja skills to transfer him to the bed without waking him up.

working from home with toddler - life during pandemic

Staying home and no travel time had made me quite lazy in the morning. I would wake up late and sleep late and dark circles were reaching my jaw!! So I asked my husband to be in charge of waking me up. Well, let’s just say he is performing that role a little too well. I now have enough time to exercise or practice an hour of yoga in the morning and get ready for work. It clears out my evening. I can study and spend time with my toddler, who now also likes putting his fingers in my nose.

Like many, my family back home wasn’t safe from Covid-19 either. Everyone in my immediate family got it. Thankfully they recovered and are doing well. Staying so far away doesn’t make it any easier.

The start of November reminds me of just how close we are to the year-end. This year has been nothing like I planned, but I am going to make the best of it anyway.

Hope you all have a lovely week ahead.

12 thoughts on “How are you doing?

  1. Good to know how you are doing. It’s great you are taking up the yoga training. You are a dedicated practitioner so this will help you on another level for sure. I always love knowing what new mischief little D is upto so keep sharing, Raji!
    Happy that family is safe. Staying far away and worried for them is something that I go through a lot so I understand.
    You three take care and be well.

  2. That was such a lovely little update from you, Raj!! Even though I love water, it scares me when I take the little one near it. However, she enjoys staying in the small tub we brought for her, like forever. These little ones I tell you are so adorable yet make us go nuts!! 🙂 It’s great that you are doing a course amidst work! Cheers, Girl!! <3

    I am sorry to know your immediate family was affected in COVID, but I am glad they have recovered and are better now! That's one thing that scares me a lot when staying away.

    Still, Happy November!! <3

  3. So glad to know your family is safe Raj. And that you have signed up for a Yoga Teacher’s training course. You are already such a pro and it’s high time you did.

    I guess we all are getting used to this WFH set up and like being in this comfort zone. For you it must have been such a blessing to see the little one grow.

    But at the same time to daunting to have family far away being affected.

    Take care and stay safe.
    Love and light

  4. How I love reading your posts, Raj! Reading about your little fella always makes me smile 🙂
    Congrats on the Yoga training course. It always helps to stay abreast of all the necessary info related to work or health.
    Thank god your family is feeling better now. What a trying time!
    Over here, things are going on, with the usual ups and downs that I am trying to counter with the help of my art and writing. Life sucks, I tell you! Sometimes, I want to scream and run away, sometimes roar at it to come, try me!
    Well, i just hope these tough times come to an end soon for all of us.
    Love and hugs!

  5. Good to know your family has recovered and are well now. Your yoga workouts continue to inspire me. I have been working from home as a fresher for over two months now, still haven’t gotten used to not seeing people for work. Hope it gets better soon. Take care and warm wishes. 🙂

  6. 2020 is going above and beyond to remain in special in everyone’s memories. I am glad to know that your family members are well now. It is scary, but I feel enough is enough. We have been staying indoors for so long. I am afraid how this is going to affect our kids mental wellbeing. Especially, the little ones who should be out there exploring the world with their little friends.
    You are doing an amazing job with yoga teacher training, and working and taking care of the little guy and household chores and everything else, Raj! Keep inspiring. 🙂

  7. After 7 months, working from home finally grew on me!

    I’m so glad your family recovered and are doing well. Man, that must have been so scary for you.

    Little D is super adorable! I would be thrilled to see him on my daily calls <3

  8. It’s a tough year. I’m glad your family has recovered. Working from home is quite something this year, right? Earlier I used to work from home when the work load was less and I could relax a little with M at school or the daycare but now it’s quite something. Also, I’m inspired by your learning journey. I’m trying to clear a Python certification but it is turning out to be my achilles heel! Loved reading your post after so long. Stay safe and stay awesome 🙂

  9. Oh the last line got me first. After our little chat earlier today, I hadn’t realized that your family was affected. Glad they’re all well, Raji.
    So glad that you are getting to spend a lot of time with your little man. They grow up so fast and I’m sure these are times to treasure.
    You take care and keep safe and well. Good luck with your continued journey in yoga.

  10. It’s been a rather rough year, Raj for most of us. I’m glad to know that your family has recovered from Covid! Living on the edge has been tough for me and my family too, as we’ve been grappling a whole host of issues too alongside, so totally get you. You are doing an awe-inspiringly amazing job juggling mommy duties, along with a full-time job, kitchen gardening, not to mention yoga! You truly inspire me, Raj!!!

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